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It started as a joke, but years later we still laugh and give the coffee spot a lot of money. The studio went from semi-anonymity (seriously, who played Sanctum?) thanks to the first game with goats, to a production company with ten titles released (including the successful Deep Rock Galactic), to being bought by a bigger company and now making a comeback. Back to the starting point with Goat Simulator 3.

And, no, you didn’t lose the second game: they just decided to skip at No. 3. If you smiled sheepishly at this information, unfortunately, this might not be the game for you. If you played the first title and, just remembering how it went, let out a loud whoop when the sequel was announced, this is the game of a lifetime.

Goat of illness

A long time ago, some programmers with time on their hands and a physics engine produced a demo video in which a goat destroys objects and causes chaos in the suburbs. This video went viral, it instantly became a viral phenomenon and people were asking, “When is the game coming out?”. There was no game at this point in the season, but Coffee Stain, where the idlers were working, made the project a top priority. Goat Simulator was born.

I’m on top of the world!

For the unwary, the original game was an open-world sandbox in which the player controlled a goat and could do whatever they wanted. Of course, this complete freedom only worked if the player’s intention was to wreak havoc and chaos on everything around him. The many glitches and unexpected behavior caused by the engine became part of the fun because nothing was taken seriously.

Which brings us to Goat Simulator 3, a title that begins with a reference to the previous one. The opening scene (which is a luxury of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim ) features our hero being transported by wagon to a new location. Everything that happened in the previous game (and its expansions) is canonical in this world: a crazy goat turned the city upside down and even went into space. People talk about goats with fear, and it’s obvious that the craze will start all over again.

This madness starts the moment you step off the wagon and can go wherever you want. Screw what the farmer said, you won’t spend the rest of the game eating grass or sucking on someone’s nipples. You are an avatar of something greater, with inexplicable mystical powers and a fortress you call yourself.

Goat Simulator 3
You don’t have to be a goat all the time. You can also be a war rhino that shoots lasers from its eyes.

While the thin thread of context doesn’t make any difference to the gameplay, it’s interesting to see how Coffee Stain tries to give Goat Simulator 3 a sense of continuity and create an interconnected world. It’s the studio’s way of quietly bringing back those who witnessed the party.

Goat Simulator 3 is flawless… in its own way

The developer absorbed some of the innovations that came out in the DLCs of the original game, mainly the concept of missions and challenges to complete. While the player is under no obligation to follow the instructions given in the title, it’s good to know that there are quests to offer something north for the less creative or even to trigger scenes or mechanics that would otherwise be impossible to discover. trial and error..

Goat Simulator 3
Die of envy, Toninho Gaviao!

In this way, Goat Simulator 3 is more like Tony Hawk Goat than GTA. The map is its playground, the developer’s hand is there only to offer a few games, but there is no guiding story. Completing challenges earns you points that can be spent on unlocking gadgets that add new abilities to your pet or are just cosmetic items. That is, play so that you can play even more.

The result is a sea of ​​activities to discover at your own pace, without logical order or pressure. In some ways, I found the challenges to be simpler or more clearly identifiable than the original game’s challenges, which had rather annoying achievements that somewhat contradicted the no-nonsense fun proposition.

However, with such a large amount of collectibles and activities to be found across a huge, seamless map, challengers will have nothing to complain about when going platinum for Goat Simulator 3.

Goat Simulator 3
Die with envy, GTA!

Interestingly, Goat Simulator 3 is polished, with no pesky bugs or incorrect control responses, a plague that was tolerated in the debut title. It’s almost strange to play a goat simulator that works in every aspect. Sometimes I’m inexplicably thrown to absurd heights or my model temporarily turns into graphical spaghetti, but these are such rare and innocuous glitches that I wouldn’t be surprised if they were intentionally placed to evoke the fun tone of the first game.

Bééééé for you and your friends too

If you haven’t played Goat Simulator with anyone before, I suggest you start now. Stop reading this text and spread that joy forward. Don’t say anything about the game, don’t explain, just plug in another controller and let the person go. There will be laughter in five minutes. If there is no laughter, call an ambulance, this person is dead inside.

Goat Simulator 3
It’s raining cars, hallelujah, it’s raining cars!

Goat Simulator 3 allows up to four players in split screen, but make sure your screen is big enough. There is no “tethering”, meaning that other players are not tied to the main player’s vicinity and can go in any direction, do whatever they want, including sabotaging or chasing each other. If you agree, there are several competitive mini-games scattered throughout the world, from wicked soccer to real lava on the floor to hide-and-seek variations.

The Goat Simulator 3 map, while larger than the first game’s three zones combined, does not include loading screens. Player(s) will find many references to other games and pop culture icons, from the indie game Mr. Get ready for the multi-platinum Fast & Furious franchise.

There isn’t much to say or interpret about Goat Simulator 3. It’s a game of goats and jokes, just like the first one in many ways, but better in every way it could be.

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