Review | FIFA 23 completes the cycle with a sophisticated graphical evolution and gameplay enhancements

After almost 30 years with an annual release, FIFA 23 is the last game in the series with the stamp of FIFAFootball’s governing body. From 2023, the franchise will be called EA Sports FC, but it should not change its essence when it comes to licensed leagues and game modes.

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With every new release of FIFA, we always hear the same comments: “It’s the same game as last year at full price”. In a way, yes, at the end of the day this is business logic, whether we like it or not. Football fans pay – and continue to pay – for updates, and if there’s demand, there’ll be supply.

However, FIFA 23 is not quite the same. There is a clear evolution in terms of quality in capturing player movements, changes in gameplay that make the game more cadence, and a new chemistry system between FUT athletes. These are subtle changes, but they’re still an interesting improvement for those who have accumulated hours and hours of gameplay.

The evolution of motion with Hypermotion 2 technology

FIFA 23’s major investment is in Hypermotion 2 technology. It is a system that allows the movements of athletes to be captured, and in this version the player maps have been expanded with data collected in real matches. In this way, we are more committed to the movement of athletes, especially stars like Kylian Mbappé of France and Sam Carey of Australia (athletes on the cover of the game).

More fluid and realistic movement isn’t just a cosmetic thing in FIFA 23. He talks about improving the game’s artificial intelligence system, which means that even without the ball it is possible to see the progress of the game. Thus, we have defenders directing movements, forwards demanding the ball, and other actions that contribute to a less mechanical dynamic.

The difference is obvious: It’s as if FIFA 23 has taken another step up the ladder of realism, not because of the schedule, but because of the synchronicity of the athletes’ movements during the match. There are some new pre-match CGI sequences, focusing on the crowd, but not as relevant.

I also felt that the physics errors were reduced. In FIFA 22, they were more common – almost every day you’d see an arm or leg crossing another athlete – and here, at least for now, the frequency has dropped.

Of course, you will find several collections of funny and funny bugs on the Internet – which happened in previous versions and will continue here. However, they are rarer.

Noticeable changes in the game

Just play a game or two of FIFA 23 to notice another obvious difference: the rush is reduced. Matches are more cadenced, which encourages the ball to be touched on runs. Even athletes with high pace no longer look like they have turbines in their legs, as was typical in FIFA 22. High pace is still a differential in FUT – and you won’t regret betting on players with this trait – but It feels like there is no longer a gap between fast athletes and regular athletes.

For this edition, EA chose to divide athletes into three groups regarding running: Explosives (excellent sprints, loss of intensity after 20 or 30 meters); controlled (balanced); and prolonged (slow sprinting, but consistency even when running over 30 meters). As a result, heavy players are slower than others, making them more useful in the game.

O Super Chute is one of the new features. Press L1 + R1 before hitting to see the athlete zoom in and then hit harder than normal.

Super Chute is another innovation. By pressing L1 + R1 before the kick, we have a kind of zoom, an animation in which the camera moves a little closer to the athlete who is about to kick, gives a warning about the danger, and then the kick comes out with more force than usual. This is a very useful feature when the athlete is free because when tagging, the shot almost always happens. I admit it’s a less realistic addition, but it brings some fun.

finally, There are changes to the set-up mechanics – corners, free kicks and penalties. Visually it was easier to know where to put the ball and how hard to hit. However, that doesn’t mean it’s any easier to get it right, as the direction + power combination varies from athlete to athlete.

FUT changes are important – and welcome

FUT is undoubtedly the most successful mode in FIFA and where the majority of users spend the most time, and EA has made significant changes here. There is no longer a system of connections in chemistry between players: it has given way to a system of points with stars, in which each athlete can have up to 3 stars – generating a maximum index of 33.

In practice, it works like this: There is no longer a penalty for lack of chemistry, but athletes make fewer mistakes when they follow this logic. It is no longer possible to set random player positions – only primary or secondary.

Within FUT there is a A new mode called “Moments”. It consists of running games where you have to jump and complete the mission in the little time you have left. Quests generate stars, a new currency that can be exchanged for rewards.

Also a new career mode

The main novelty here is the opportunity to choose a coach and start a career right where he is. For example, if you choose Pep Guardiola, you can already start in the elite of English football. I like this idea because it allows more players to enjoy a mode that is vast and “tedious” in the sense that it takes a long time to get to the top – causing many to drop halfway through. .

Here is another cool news: AFC Richmond director Ted Lasso’s team involvement in Apple TV+ series. It’s a really cool crossover for the fans and a very organic addition to the game.

Finally, there is integration that has not been seen before between Pro Clubs and Volta Football modes, in which the same player can be used in both. I admit that these two game modes don’t really appeal to me, so I won’t go into too much detail here.

2022, the year of the World Cup

We are just a few weeks away from the start of the World Cup and EA has promised us that FIFA 23 will bring special innovations so that players can enjoy the cup matches. This game mode will be released as a free update, but not all details about it have been revealed yet.


This question is difficult to answer because it all depends on your FIFA profile. Are you like me who play FUT mode and like updates from athletes and clubs always as close to the real thing as possible? So yes, it’s worth it, as it has been in previous years. The additions to the career modes are also interesting and justify the “swap” from version 22 to version 23 for fans.

Are you more of a casual player who prefers online matches outside of FUT? In practice, the changes for you will be small and generally the game will be “more of the same”. In this case, there’s no point in playing FIFA 22 or FIFA 23 if you don’t keep up with what’s new in terms of gameplay.

Especially, I think Most cadence matches are closer to the real thing And while they force fans to relearn certain ways of playing, they seem more inclusive to those who aren’t as used to the style. In other words, taking a highly rated player and running the ball to the goal is no longer an option. Constructing plays will require even a little bit of tactical thinking.

The fact is: FIFA has been “the same game” – in terms of the graphics engine – since 2017, and every year it gains refinement and new technologies, such as Hypermotion, in the second version. FIFA 23 is, in my opinion, the best version that has been released in recent years, with the highest level of refinement, great attention to detail and the lowest rate of significant bugs in the initial month.

FIFA 23 is, in my opinion, the best version released in recent years, with the highest degree of refinement, great attention to detail and the lowest rate of significant bugs in the initial month.

If you’re looking for a soccer game – and the options aren’t many, as the only direct competitor is eFootball 2023 – go with FIFA 23 without fear. If you are an avid gamer, upgrading to the latest version is justified by the market logic imposed by the franchise. Now, for more casual players, simply trying out the new gameplay mechanics is the appeal of this version, which may not be enough to justify the “full price”.

FIFA 23 was provided by EA Sports for this review. We played the PC and PS5 versions.

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FIFA 23 is the best version of FIFA ever and brings a higher level of realism to the movement of athletes.
Hypermotion 2 technology improves the movements of athletes

Changes to the FUT chemistry system

More cadence and less rush matches

Crossplay across platforms

The eternal absence of Brazilian football clubs and players

Installation on PC is confusing due to anti-cheat system


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