Review: Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising (Switch) invites players to New Nevaeh in a fun but misplaced RPG

Eiyuden Chronicle is an RPG developed by Rabbit & Bear Studios as the spiritual successor to the classic Suikoden, with several creative members of the franchise in the creative team. However, while the game was in development, the team was hired to make Natsume Atari The Chronicle of Euden: AscensionA prologue that introduces the world to the audience.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising is an action RPG whose events unfold before the Great War, moving on to the main game story. It all starts as a simple treasure hunt in a city under construction, on the outskirts of an old mine, but after a while, you will feel an evil force moving in the shadows.

A young outsider arrives in New Neva

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising tells the story of a young treasure hunter named CJ. As a child he had to leave his hometown to perform a ritual and the main character’s mission is to find greater treasures than his predecessors.

Upon hearing about the opening of an excavation in the city of New Neva, he intends to realize his dream of getting a huge lens. At first, CJ is alone in the journey, but he will also have the support of two other characters: formerly hired Garo and acting mayor Isha. Each of these characters has a different fighting style, CJ is faster, Garoo has a stronger kick, and Isha is skilled in magic.

It should be noted that the game takes some time to release them. Although not a very long campaign for the genre, it can be completed in about 10 hours, it takes time for the player to escape to actually explore the world of New Nevaeh. Even in terms of storytelling there is a strong sense of artificiality, both for this reason and because the work is constantly in demand. Retreat Which is not imported organically.

However, I would like to point out that the universe itself has a strong charisma. New Nevaeh is inhabited by many curious characters, ranging from the main characters to the more mundane side. This issue is highlighted by a compelling script that manages to get all the characters to have their own voice and style. In Portuguese, this more informal writing is highly respected, offering a fluid and consistent reading, despite minor random errors.

Study of the buttocks

As an action RPG, a fundamental element of the game is its combat. The idea here is that the player controls the character and can switch with the allies in quick command. Each of them is associated with a button, making it possible to change the striker in the middle of the combination to enjoy the effect of slow motion.

Areas explored from a side view as a platform game. In addition to attacking enemies that are on the way, the player needs to jump to reach certain places. It is also possible to retrieve items by breaking script elements or opening chests, but the player’s capacity is limited by the bag until the butt is emptied (when it is emptied).

Shots can also gain elemental power starting at a certain conspiracy point. Using concrete runes it will also be possible to exploit enemy weaknesses and break large colored rock formations to enter previously inaccessible points of the buttocks.

In addition to attacks and jumping, each ally has unique special abilities. Garo can stop and repel some attacks with his big sword, Isha can break magic headlights, and CJ can strike. Other hardware, such as double jumping, may block updates to New Nevaeh stores.

A thriving city

One of the aspects that was mentioned for the game on the pages of its store was the construction element of the city. However, this is not really a simulator that the player needs to manage, as the term usually implies, but rather the result of performing side quests. With the help of shop owners, small businesses in the city are booming, which also expands their choice of goods.

Utilizing this system opens up many possibilities for the game, adding not only ways to purchase items, but also upgrading character equipment, increasing options such as attack and defense, and special techniques such as double jump on CJ or limited time. Levitation.for Isha. Using these systems will be key to a smoother campaign experience.

However, it should be noted that although the game has a large number of quests to perform, they are very similar to each other. This diversity ends with some missions, such as moving from one point on the map to another or searching for items in the first zone, to the feeling that the work will “come back” for a little longer.

Fortunately, the menu has a quick travel option. Thanks to it, it is instant to go anywhere on the map outside the buttocks, just by going through the short load screen. In the buttocks, the player can only use this system to move from one board to another. These decoration elements also serve as survival points and are presented only on some screens, including in the vicinity of bosses.

I would also like to point out two other minor problems with the game. First, several enemies, including the boss, trained the player to use the characters Garoo and Isha. Unfortunately, if this character dies and the player does not have a healing item, it may become impossible to fight them. Because it is impossible to escape the area of ​​certain encounters, the result can be quite devastating.

In addition, automatic game save is quite rare, which is activated mainly when changing chapters. When losing to a stronger enemy, the player takes the game and has to start over from the last save. Fortunately, it is possible to save manually, but the lack of a re-try option is curious and something that is usually avoided in similar games these days.

On the plus side, it’s worth noting that the game creates a wonderful combination of 2D and 3D. The areas are quite varied and charming, especially when using lighting. This style is similar to the HD-2D currently used in some Square Enix titles, but the characters’ sprites are more elongated and detailed.

A world worth knowing

The Chronicle of Euden: Ascension Is an action RPG that provides a good introduction to the Eiyuden world. This is a clear world that is worth exploring, at least in this prologue, even though the narrative artificial processing and gameplay progress is a point that slightly appreciates the work.


  • Solid gameplay, the capabilities of which can be expanded in city stores;
  • A humorous text with a Portuguese translation that respects the tone of the work;
  • Visually pleasing with a mix of 2D and 3D;
  • The ability to travel quickly between territories significantly reduces the time required to perform more mundane quests.


  • Progression has a strong sense of artificiality due to a very limited start and strong focus on retreat;
  • Very repetitive side quests;
  • Some enemies are completely dependent on the use of one of the characters, which makes them invincible without him;
  • There is no option to continue the game, it is necessary to go back to the last save and automatic save is rare;
  • Minor translation errors.

Eiyuden Chronicle Rising – Switch / PC / PS4 / PS5 / XBO / XSX – Rating: 7.5
Version used for analysis: Switch

Review: Juliana Paiva Zaparol
The analysis is made from a digital copy provided by 505 Games

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