Review – Cult of the Lamb (2022, Devolver Digital)

Cult of the Lamb It will be released on August 11, 2022 on PC and consoles. A new game is out Publisher Digital return is produced A massive monsterAn independent English studio responsible for other good games such as Adventure friends (2018) and Never give up (2019).

The Cult of the Lamb is a rogelite Featuring sarcastically cute colony management elements, available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Check out our review below.


Cult of the Lamb puts the player in the role of a possessed lamb who is saved from destruction by an evil stranger and must repay his debt by recruiting loyal followers on his behalf.

Create your own cult in the Land of False Prophecy, explore mysterious and varied regions to build a loyal community of forest followers and spread your word to become the one true cult.

Analysis of the Cult of the Lamb

This year, the indie industry showed its strength, releasing good titles with entertainment potential and staying power, fighting against the major players in the market. Massive Monster did not deviate from this trend, providing high-quality story, graphics, gameplay and audio.

In trying to make a comparison, I managed to connect the Cult of the Lamb Do not starve (2013), with its subversive subject matter and peculiar humor, and also No one will save the world (2022), for its obvious satirical innocence and bright colors.


The basics of the story are already explained in the synopsis. We started our journey like a friendly lamb dying towards the end. After being judged by the four ancient gods, who justify their sacrifice as a necessity to prevent the prophecy, we take the first steps towards creating a cult.

by being enlivened who is waitingThe Lamb returns armed with a red crown that can turn into a weapon and a curse to build a cult in the name of his benefactor to pay off a debt he doesn’t even understand why he contracted it.

The story grows with nuances and subplots that make it more engaging as you explore the lands of the old faith more and more in search of answers. Another great success of the game is the irony of the lovable lamb being a vessel of so much chaos, spreading carnage wherever it goes, advised by creatures so immoral and sadistic.


As I said, not only does the story encourage frequent sarcasm in contrast to the cute aspect of the little lamb. Design and music also create the impression that we are in a children’s game.

Fun and bright colors. Smooth and distinctive animations. Loud and lively songs. The game is an eternal counterpoint, as one moment we are enjoying this handsome bath, the next we are plunged into a sacrificial ritual. Ktuliani.

The audio director’s work known as river boy, it was great. He managed to engage all the senses with this rollercoaster of mismatches offered by Cult of the Lamb. Not only did he create music that takes you from horror to an amusement park, but he also composed sound effects that let you feel every movement, attack, and action happening on screen.


When it comes to the feel of what’s on the screen, one of the first things that struck me about the Lamb Cult was the responsiveness of his movements. With basic and well-presented mechanics, the game allows you to control the character, feeling each action performed by camera movements, sounds or controller vibrations.

Another big hit related to gameplay is about stream About the game (I learned the concept in an interview Ben Espositocreator Neon white. O stream, in Portuguese, is equivalent to cadence in experience. The game offers a dynamic suggestion in search mode rogeliteWith various battles in small rooms full of items, enemies and breakable objects.

To even out a possible 12 hours of gameplay, there’s a balance with moments where the focus is on keeping your cult alive. In these stages, the experience shifts to a similar concept of colony management and survival games.

Weapons and scenarios

as in others ScammersCoincidence also plays an important role in the cult of the Lamb.

Primarily through weapons and spells (called curses in the game) that are randomly offered at the start of each new dungeon. In addition, the scenarios are also procedurally generated and offer different challenges with each restart – which may contribute to one of the other factors.

As a final random factor, the game offers a tarot deck. With each new dungeon, the player finds clown, an archetypal wise character who offers a card with every encounter, as well as frequent pills. Cards can give the player certain advantages, one of which, as I mentioned, is being able to see all the rooms on the dungeon map without exploring them.

the verdict

Cult of the Lamb It knows very well how to manage expectation and execution, to give you a fun, light experience that very well holds you for hours. With a simple trip, without getting stuck side eggs The game can take about 15 hours.

Not only is the game worthy of praise for its length, but for keeping you engaged for all those hours. While this is possible, I never felt bored or annoyed by the repetitiveness, because unlike what happened in the demo, the pace of the game in the full version is very well balanced.

I am very satisfied with the high quality Indie games reached the last titles. I want to strongly believe in the re-release of this market, where players and companies increasingly value these small and ingenious game makers.

5.0 / 5.0

The cult of the lamb, at its pre-sale value in Brazil, is worth:

Watch the trailer for Cult of the Lamb:

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