Revenge of the Sith game is very invaluable

The era of the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube has proved something important: Official movie games are generally horrible. Despite a few positive examples like Spider-Man 2 and Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith, for the most part, these adaptations were unjustifiably bad.


May 4, known as Star Wars Day, presents a rare opportunity: to defend one of the most underrated games in franchise history: Revenge of the Sith. Yes. The official game of the third movie.


Star Wars fans will probably agree that the second film trilogy was not necessarily a good temporary one. However, the third film, in particular, still fascinated the audience thanks to the very high level traffic light duels.

Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith was, yes, a direct adaptation of the movie of the same name and an extension of the original story with scenes from the movie that are combined with gameplay fragments, and not just CG scenes that are combined with the gameplay.

General Grievus


Most of the time, except for two possible endings, players faithfully follow the story of the third film chronologically (according to the sixth release). However, to give the extra flavor that the games require, some specific scenes have been significantly expanded.

For example, the confrontation between Anakin Skywalker and Mays Windu, which was once a simple move by a young Padavan to overthrow the arm of the Jedi master, will turn into an extensive battle that lasted several minutes. The same goes for Anakin, who was destroying the Order of the Jedi from within, fighting numerous warriors at once. All very satisfactory levels in terms of mechanics and visuals.

Anakin and Vindu.


When you get bored of playing the story, you can still enjoy the battle mode with different characters besides Obi-Wan and Anakin. They were not the most memorable battles in the world, but they did the trick.

In retrospect, Revenge of the Sith could have been one of the Star Wars games I spent the most time on, second only to Battlefront II (classic, please) and Jedi Power Battles, which deserves its own article.

Anakin v. Obi-Wan.


No matter how difficult life has been for Star Wars fans in the recent past, with very dubious products in every media format you can imagine, there have been some wonderful moments from the series in the games.

This May 4th, after I had completely retaliated against the Sites, I could not help but talk about it. Let Force be with everyone who fondly remembers the Star Wars video game classics.

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