Returnal won Game of the Year at the Finnish Game Awards

The event highlighted the Finnish gaming industry

After winning Game of the Year at last year’s BAFTA, Returnal continues on its difficult path as one of so many veterans of the new IP. The game received another one-year Game Award, this time from the Finnish Game Award, the Finnish Game Award.. The ceremony celebrated what the country has created in terms of gaming.

Of all the winners, only Returnal is the most (and maybe the only?) Known. In a quick search, it’s hard to find title pages like “HypeHype” that received the Creative Achievement Award. Pako 3, the mobile game, has received the title “Small Screen”, an award aimed at mobile titles, among other equally unfamiliar games as mentioned here.

One of the organizers of the event, Neogames, said that “2021 was a year of success for the Finnish gaming industry in almost every way, and we expect the industry to grow from 15% to 20% (profit-making) to € 3 billion.”

“Economically, creatively, technically and socially, the Finnish gaming industry is at its best, despite a two-year period of remote operation and a difficult situation in the world. Expect even more success in the coming years. “This is especially true if we can overcome labor challenges for international workers,” added Koopee Hiltunen, director of Neo Games.

Returnal also received an award called “Big Screen” (Screen). Housemarque’s game is the largest and most important in Finland with its massive Sony-funded AAA-level products. Coincidentally, Housemarque is the sole platinum sponsor of the event, according to the official website.

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In the most recent fiscal year financial report, Jim Ryan, chief executive of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), said the company wants half of its PlayStation-exclusive games to be released on PCs and mobiles by 2025.

Soon, hints appeared on the Internet that Returnal would be the next exclusive computer game from Sony. More specifically, the information came from the Steam Data Base, which was soon deleted, but you can see In this tweet.


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