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Return to Silent Hill is a new movie based on Silent Hill 2, the classic game from Kojima Productions. The announcement was made on Wednesday (19) at a show dedicated to the series, which also revealed a remake of the game Silent Hill 2 — released in 2001 — for the PS5. The project will be directed by Christoph Gans, from Silent Hill (2006), and produced by Victor Hadida. So far, the film is in the shooting and casting phase. The release date is not known.

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The Konami classic, Silent Hill 2 will be adapted for the cinema with Return to Silent Hill – photo: Disclosure / Konami

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The film will have a psychological horror vibe as it tells the story of a man, James Sunderland, who returns to Silent Hill in search of his beloved Mayor. He will encounter a scary abandoned city, fog and scary monsters. According to the producer, the story will be about how far one can go to save loved ones and will also have elements of the myth of Morpheus, the Greek god who communicated with mortals through sleep.

Return to Silent Hill is a movie based on the game Silent Hill 2 — Photo: Reproduction/YouTube

Gans also says the film aims to please fans, repeat the success of the 2006 title and stay true to the story. However, the title will also develop graphic elements according to the new technologies available, staying true to the story. Because of this, the monsters will have a new design to make them more modern, but they will also get some surprises.

At this Wednesday’s event (19), Silent Hill 2 – the game – also had a PS5 remake and two new games were announced. The franchise is a milestone in the world of horror games, marking the entry of the survival horror genre. The second title raised expectations for the psychological drama at the time, earning an 89 out of 100 on Metacritic.

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