Return of “Silent Hill” soon; See news here

Recently, a presentation was held on the topic:quiet hill” which brought a ton of very interesting new information remake For video games, in addition to a few other ventures.

However, one of the most surprising announcements is the fact that there is a movie in it overload From “Silent Hill”. Initially, its title will be “Return to Silent Hill”, with a loose translation. Even more exciting is that director Christoph Gans and producer Victor Hadida are returning, having both worked on the first film adaptation.

Comments that can be seen about this new movie are related to the fact that it is based on the story of the video game “Silent Hill 2” and that it will focus more on the psychological horror elements inspired by the aspects. video game.

However, the film in this first moment is considered more revived and not, so to speak, a sequel. In fact, Gans said that the producer’s script will be completely different from the previous films.

The good news is that Gans plans to make this “Silent Hill” more modern while staying true to the horror elements first introduced in the video game series. He said he could show and tell that the infamous “Pyramid Head” would return as one of the creatures chasing the main character.

Psychological horror is quite a popular genre in movies these days; So it’s possible to imagine that the new film will be quite daunting for those who are easily frightened.

The director also suggested that this new play could hit the theaters as early as next year, 2023, which also surprised many people. Apparently, the movie has already been made, as have the new games, and was kept under wraps until the announcement date, which took place last week.

Based on that, we can say our hats off to Konami for being able to keep this all under wraps. What’s more, we’re more than just excited to be able to see who has been cast in the lead roles.

It looks like the movie will bring back a few more familiar characters, besides the “Pyramid Head” of course. However, we believe that Sean Bean will return to the role he is already familiar with due to the great work he did in the first film. Over the next few weeks, we may see new casting announcements given that the film is set to release soon.

In short, fans are clamoring for the return of this franchise, especially when it comes to game production. By the way, the fact that we can now see a movie that complements what we see in video games is fantastic, to say the least.

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