Resident Evil Villains action against Leon in a scene created in UE5

All the heroes could not handle this clash together

Almost every boss in the Resident Evil franchise is unique and memorable. While the protagonists are intertwined in some titles (notably Resident Evil 6), the same never happened with the main villains. The TeaserPlay channel, which has appeared here at other times, Bringing some of the antagonists of the series, all against Leon, and created in Unreal Engine 5.

“Imagining Resident Evil 9” – that’s the name of the video. “A few days ago, I imagined what would happen if all the villains of the series of villains, such as Nemesis, Mr. X, Mendes, came to life in a dark graveyard and gathered together,” says the person responsible. video.

In addition to STARS member Hunter Nemesis (RE 3), Raccoon City Police Department Stalker Titan Mr. X (RE 2), the under-researched Spaniard Bitores Mendez (RE 4), Lady Dimitrescu, the new favorite (RE Village), the fearsome Jack Baker (RE 7) and Chris Redfield’s nemesis Albert Wesker, who has already appeared in several films. The titles are shown in the video.

The situation that the imagination portrays is practically impossible for Leon, even if he has other heroes. Mainly because some of the villains in the video have changed forms which makes them even more attractive.

“We can imagine the idea just like the DLC in Resident Evil 9. We decided to create this cool and terrifying idea with Unreal Engine 5,” reads the description of the video. While the modeling of the main character is well done (even if he doesn’t look that much like Leon), the same can’t be said for some of the villains like Jack and Lady D with their crooked faces.

Resident Evil Village sold 6.7 million copies

The franchise has many famous villains

Resident Evil also has many other villains that deserve mention. For example, Alexia Ashford from Resident Evil Code Veronica is memorable. In particular, I think this title is one of the best in the franchise, and therefore the villain.

Going further back in time, more specifically in the remake of the first title of the franchise, we have Lisa Trevor, who almost stopped many hearts at the time. And it’s still scary because the HD version of the remake has aged so well.

One of the most striking of the entire series (no, that was Nemesis mentioned earlier) is William Birkin and his various transformations in Resident Evil 2. Of course, the remake portrays the villain in a way we’ve never imagined before, but his appearance has put a damper on it. Terror in the original RE 2.

Which Resident Evil villain stuck in your memory? Share with us.


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