Resident Evil Village includes a playable Lady Dimitrescu in the DLC; look

Capcom released a never-before-seen gameplay trailer on Thursday night (21). Winter extension in A native village of evilNow we focus on news mercenaries. The video highlights the new playable characters and their abilities, including Chris Redfield, Heisenberg and popular Lady Dimitrescu.

One of the franchise’s most recognizable heroes, Chris Redfield wields heavy weapons to deal with hordes of Lycans and other creatures. For his part, Heisenberg can use his hammer and magnetism ability to shoot metals at enemies.

In turn, Lady Dimitrescu dispels him almost three meters high and appears fighting with her daughters, who transform into a swarm of blood-sucking insects to stun their enemies.

As in the main game, the villain can perform fatal attacks with claws. He also appears throwing a throne at a group of enemies and easily snaps the creatures neck to finish them off.

Capcom also confirmed Two new stages will be added to the regime: Bloodthirsty Village and Bloodthirsty River. It also promised some improvements to the experience that weren’t specified.

Winter’s Expansion brings three new pieces of content to Resident Evil Village in OctoberSource: Disclosure/Capcom

Resident Evil Village DLC content

In addition to the new Mercenaries mode, DLC Winter extension Also lets you experience the campaign A native village of evil By completely third-person, we mean the fan mod that went viral last June.

However, the highlight is the expansion of the story Shades of rosewhich takes place shortly after the events of the main story and brings Rosemary winter As the main character – now the boss. Unlike the original game, the gameplay perspective will be in the third person and the story will force the heroine to free herself from the terrible powers she was born with.

expansion of A native village of evil It will be available from October 28 For individual purchase. Capcom will also release a Gold edition A game that includes the base game and additional content.

We must remember that on the same day, all owners A native village of evil will also have free access to the series’ new multiplayer spin-off, Re: poem.

At the moment, A native village of evil Considered a major commercial success, it ranks as Capcom’s tenth most successful game, with over 6.10 million units sold worldwide. your predecessor Resident Evil 7: Biohazard It occupies the second position with almost 11 million copies sold.

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