Resident Evil Village Gold Edition: Worth it?

Ever since Resident Evil 5 (with the exception of the sixth game), Capcom has made a habit of releasing enhanced versions of the numbered titles in the saga – a clever way to extend production time. As it is a tradition, Resident Evil Village Gold Edition will be no different.

With more than 6.4 million sales of the game, the Japanese publisher has received a warm reception from critics and fans over the past year. And no wonder: the game was considered one of the biggest PS5 debuts of 2021.

In order to enjoy this good milestone a little more, why not spread the news for fans to revisit Ethan’s adventures, right? And look at the good news: what Resident Evil Village Gold Edition doesn’t lack is content that justifies the other one. round.

The “Winters Expansion” can be purchased in two ways: separately (for those who already own the base game) for R$ 94.90 on the PS Store or through the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition – the complete set.

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Content includes the “Shadows of the Roses” DLC (which tells the story of Ethan’s daughter years after the events of the main story), exciting new additions to the Expendables, and a third-person campaign mode.

Shadows of Rose adds and escapes the ordinary

Sombras de Rose goes a little beyond the roots of the series to bet on something more fantastical and supernatural, also with a hint of “diversity” in the composition. It should be remembered that its gameplay, unlike the main campaign, is in the third person.

No dirty details to spoil the experience, but the Megamycete, a parasite in the plot of Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, absorbed the memories of all the lives within its reach – and the organism used this information to create a collective consciousness. .

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition
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Due to her individuality, Rose has serious social problems and the supposed cure can only be found in this “sphere”. Many things materialize in consciousness, including weapons, items, ghostly Dementor-style monsters (hello, Harry Potter fans), and even old acquaintances…

There is a new mechanic that includes the powers of roses, which gives an even more interesting dynamic to the gameplay. His skill set is put to very good use, both in combat and in solving puzzles – and there are several playthroughs that take around three hours to complete. The variety of challenges is impressive and the game rewards you well for all of them.

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition
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Michael, an inhabitant of this consciousness, guides Rose through the phrases, creating new entrances and helping the girl on her journey. In addition, there are some tense moments and a unique sense of the chase – which the franchise skillfully provides.

Compared to Resident Evil 7’s equivalent, the “Not a Hero” DLC, which saw Chris Redfield “Luciano Huck” kill Moldy Baker’s property, Shadows of Rose shows that Capcom is paying special attention to this type of content.

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition
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It’s a very fun experience that adds to the story of Resident Evil Village Gold Edition – ending the franchise’s winter saga in full bloom.

A heavy crew comes in mercenary mode

Another highlight of Resident Evil Village Gold Edition is the new cast of characters in the Expendables mode. Previously, only ethane and six levels were available. Now, Capcom has brought many cool things for those who like this type of game.

Chris Redfield

Franchise hero Chris Redfield is now one of the available options. His military arsenal and brute strength provide great security for those who play, after all, his strike destabilizes most enemies.

Worth noting: Chris is already unlocked in the new expansion, so it makes it much easier to unlock the other two, which we’ll cover next.

Carl Heisenberg

The addition of Carl Heisenberg is one of Capcom’s best shots at this type of experience to date. In addition to being able to throw hammers and steel saws, his abilities allow him to create a force field and pull opponents with metal supports towards him.

It’s great to draw in groups of enemies in the best Magneto style to eliminate them with an energetic plume, especially if he’s equipped with his special: a kamikaze monster that blows up everything around him.

Alcina Dimitrescu

Lady Dimitrescu, who gained attention during the pre-release last year, is also available in Resident Evil Village Gold Edition – and playing as her is a rather strange experience.

Expect lots of fun and senseless killing by controlling the Duchess. His skill set is one of his strengths: he can use claws and flies to deal regular damage, as well as launch a giant vanity at enemies with his special. Finally, you can also invite your daughters to battle.

Because there are even harder versions of the levels, getting a good one is very affordable rank using either of the two brothers on them.

The third person mode gives a new air to the game

Resident Evil 7 was heavily criticized by some fans when it debuted due to its first-person perspective. Although the sequel follows the same pattern, there’s no reason to complain now: Resident Evil Village Gold Edition has a third-person mode.

The traditional over-the-shoulder camera provides plenty of grounding for a second playthrough of the main campaign, while making the experience even more familiar to old-school fans. While not unheard of, a bird’s eye view adds a breath of fresh air to Ethan’s adventure.

Since Resident Evil Village Gold Edition is more action-oriented than the seventh title, the influence of this perspective is noticeable. It’s now much easier to see everything around you and perform actions with more precision, especially in boss battles and when engaging groups of enemies – moments when you need flexibility to move the camera around and around.

Due to the similarity in scale, playing in perspective could be a great warm-up for the Resident Evil 4 remake – especially the Dimitrescu castle and village areas, as they are very reminiscent of some of the classic stages.

Despite the praise, the regime is not perfect and has its “buts”: many (if not all). scenes The game is still in first person, which gives the feeling of an incomplete experience. In addition, Capcom insisted on the strategy of not showing Ethan’s face in full until the end – even in the final moments of the franchise.

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition: Worth it?

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition brings a pack of new features for fans to never miss. The expansion gives plenty of reason to step into Ethan Winters’ shoes once again – although Capcom missed its last chance to show off the character’s face.

These are very welcome additions that are well worth your time, especially if you haven’t played the game yet — and for those who already have it in their library, the DLC price is also very attractive on the PS Store.

Resident Evil Village Gold Edition
Resident Evil Village Gold Edition (Source: Reproduction)

With that, Resident Evil Village Gold Edition marks the end of Winters in the franchise – a fitting end to the journey that began at the Bakers estate in 2017.

What are Capcom’s plans for the main series now? A more first-person perspective and survival horror? More Chris Redfield? Well, we’ll just have to wait.

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