Resident Evil 4 remake appears in Xbox One pre-orders

Microsoft’s older console version has yet to be officially confirmed by Capcom

After Capcom confirmed at Tokyo Game Show 2022 that Resident Evil 4 Remake will also get a PlayStation 4 versionThere are reports that the same could happen Xbox One. List published by Amazon United Contains an old Microsoft console Among the platforms that will officially receive the game.

Although the Japanese developer did not confirm the information, It makes sense when you consider your past efforts. The new game is being developed on the same RE Engine that brought the games to life. Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes, which proved to be flexible enough to work well with hardware released in 2013 – which has some limitations.

Announce that Resident Evil 4 Remake will also be coming to PlayStation 4, Capcom didn’t even say there wouldn’t be an Xbox One version.. The expectation is that the situation should be fully clarified in October of this year, the month when the company should hold a new presentation focused on the future of the series.

The leak could be the result of Capcom’s confused strategy

also There is a possibility that the game listing for Xbox One is just a result of a registration error. In that case, customers who already pre-ordered the title should soon receive a message alerting them to the error and allowing them to cancel the purchase — or keep it to play on Xbox Series X|S.

According to renowned insider AestheticGamer (aka Dusk Golem), Capcom always planned to release the game for two generations of consoles and PC. However, the way he made the announcement is unconventional and confusing – the focus on the PS4 during the Tokyo Game Show might just be A result of the popularity that the console has in Japan.

THE Capcom is set to reveal more details about the Resident Evil 4 remake in a few weeks, in a presentation that should also bring news about the Resident Evil Village DLCs. Game Leon S. Kennedy’s participation was confirmed for its release March 24, 2023With confirmed versions (so far) for this PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Pracha.

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