Resident Evil 4 Inventory becomes gameplay;  Discover Save Room – an organized puzzle game

Resident Evil 4 Inventory becomes gameplay; Discover Save Room – an organized puzzle game

The newly released title on Steam brings exactly the RE4 inventory as a game

Resident Evil 4, released in 2005, completely changed the way franchise games work, for better or worse. Is among all the news Leon Kennedy’s portfolioWhere you can organize things as if it were a Tetris game. And isn’t it so that after 17 years someone came up with the idea of ​​creating a game that aims to organize things in a suitcase !? This is a Save Room – organization puzzle.

“When you enter a storage room, you know you are safe, you are not in danger, you can relax. Use this time to organize your inventory, heal wounds and reload weapons. It fits into your inventory,” he asks. Game Steam Description.

According to the game page, the goal is to place all the items in your inventory until all the weapons are loaded and do not allow your health to deteriorate. As in Resident Evil 4, it is possible to combine elements such as herbs to create a more powerful healing item. The game has “40 unique handmade items”, ie it is not a “copy and paste” of Capcom game models.

Do not miss the nostalgia of the game almost 20 years ago, as it has no Resident Evil 4 soundtrack or sound effects, obviously. If a developer already risks Capcom’s lawyers knocking on his door with such a game, not to mention using the developer’s assets and effects.

Save Room – Organization Puzzle developed by Fractal Projects, which in addition to this title has five more available on Steam, four of which are for cats: Samurai Cat and three with the title “How to wash your cat”.

Resident Evil 4 was such an important game of its time that it redefined the genre of third-person shooter. While the gameplay is quite challenging by today’s standards, the game is ported to almost every existing platform, with only changing textures (and not so much).

Already a fan and moderator of the game, he redesigned all the textures of the Steam version, including using real-life images of places inspired by the game, since Resident Evil 4 is set in Spain and is moderately Spanish. This is a work worth checking out and you can download it here.


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