Resident Evil 4: Ashley is not a helpless virgin, she is a people like us

Anyone who has played at least one game on an escort mission knows how irritating such a goal can be, especially if the developers have not worked hard enough on the artificial intelligence of the character that accompanies us. With the announcement of the long-awaited remake Resident Will 4Many remembered one of the most iconic characters to play in the game over the last few decades: Ashley Graham, the daughter of the President of the United States, who was captured and taken to a Spanish village by a mercenary. Jack Cruiser ordered by Los Iluminados.

Ours as Leon s. Kennedy’s mission is to accurately rescue and bring the girl back to her homeland safely. In the midst of this we have to deal with the evil of the Las Plagas virus, which bothers the object even more, especially because on our side Ashley does not know what to do and hopes that Leon will instruct her. Yes, it may fall into the cliché that a daughter of a strong man in need will save her, but the truth is that Ashley was one of the best AI companions of her time and did not allow a lack of combat knowledge to stop her. Help us and make the game more magical than its predecessors.

Leon, help!

Well, you can read this here and recall the moments when Ashley was captured by an infected enemy and shouted loudly the famous “Leon, help!”. Hearing this a few times was really quite irritating, but it was something that made us feel urgent and quickly warned us that Ashley was in danger and that a possible “end of the game” was on the way.

But in addition to asking for help, Ashley really presented a show of what AI’s future satellites might look like, especially compared to what came before and after. RE4 In other franchises. Quiet hill This is one of the most relevant cases in which there are characters like Maria Silent Hill 2 Or Eileen inside Silent Hill 4 Acts as a real burden for the players and not just purposefully considering the psychological nature of these games.

Eileen is a wonderful character in Silent Hill 4, but her AI was still not as excellentSource: Konami / Reproduction

While Eileen was still able to arm herself with weapons and revolt against enemies, her artificial intelligence was terrible and she had a great chance of spoiling the end of the game as she could not do much harm to you for a happy ending. Unfortunately, it is normal to see Eileen take a long time to follow, stop in parts of the script, stop in front of you when the enemy is attacking, or even fall behind when you walk out the door somewhere else.

This role of the poor with Ashley takes some course, even if we do not expect it from her. Yes, she was a privileged girl, the daughter of an American president, and who has never been in a difficult situation, at least not as dangerous as this. Yet he has no knowledge of defense and combat, he must follow Leon’s instructions to stay safe, which, let us admit, would be so for most of us in his situation.

But unlike the artificial intelligence companions of this era, Ashley could perform certain commands, such as hide, stay behind, or follow fast. This helped a lot in preparing for the intense fighting and was most rightly for a specialized agent whose purpose was to protect civilians. The desire for a frightened, untrained person to take up arms will largely be a recipe for disaster, even for their own safety.

More than safe, Ashley was a partner who was willing to help Leon as much as he could.More than safe, Ashley was a partner who was willing to help Leon as much as he could.Source: Capcom / Reproduction

Of course, there are times when Leon and Ashley were surrounded and there was no way to hide, forcing you to fight with him on your side and unprotected. But this is another wonderful demonstration of how his artificial intelligence was better trained than we were used to. While Eileen was always faced with attacks Silent Hill 4Ashley would bend over when I aimed my gun at her, and most of her killings were aimed at curious people or a player’s mistakes.

Another section that added more tension and fun to the game was when Ashley turned around in a huge room in the dungeon while trying to kill the zombies that were approaching us. Teamwork here was essential, and the fact that Ashley had a well-programmed intellect was something that did not disappoint at the time, although the lack of accuracy in a player’s moment of despair can make such an impression on all of us.

Braver than us

It is unfortunate that if you only remember Ashley screaming, it is easy to imagine her as a little girl asking for help, but what she shows throughout the game will not go far beyond that. You can even watch all the scenes where he appears to refresh your memory and see that there is no exaggerated reaction where he cries or experiences despair beyond normal. For the rest, he quietly follows Leon, offering Lewis help to remove the antidote from Las Plagas, and keeps calm when he and the agent have to think about what to do next.

You can really see her scared when a giant monster appears, when she is trapped in massive boxes, when the enemy puts her on her shoulders, or when the ceiling quickly runs full of blades, but I have a feeling you will too. Etc. Girl’s skin. Given that she does not hesitate to help us and even get rid of herself in the game, I can never reduce her to the cliché of a simple girl in distress.

After all, who is not a survivor in Resident Evil?

Another point that can not be forgotten is Resident Evil There has never been a franchise that bothered big men who were willing to save little girls in distress. From the first game released on the PlayStation in 1996, we have female characters who are much more interesting than the men in the series. Be it Jill Valentine, Ada Wong, Claire Redfield, Sheva Alomar, Rebecca Chambers, Sherry Birkin or Helena Harper, we serve very well women who were not ashamed to name Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy and Carlos Oliveira, just to name a few.

Also, we have to be honest: this TV series has never had a character who is capable of everything and who did not need help at some point. It was always normal for Leon to be helped by Claire and Elena, or rescued by Ada, a better-trained and experienced agent than the boy. Ashley’s case is precisely that it is not she who takes on the role of a woman in need, but a person who has no experience and whose best chance of survival is to follow what the special agent says.

Fair comparisons

Given that we have compared Ashley to other artificial intelligence companions, it is natural to compare her to other characters who have helped us even more, such as Eli შორისYou are the last among them. The big difference is that Eli was born into a world full of infected creatures and where the only way to survive was to fight, defend and use any possible weapon for it, to be completely different from Ashley or any other civilian. calm life.

Ashley is in the sweetest calm in the world when zombies put people on their throatsAshley is in the sweetest calm in the world when zombies put people on their throatsSource: Capcom / Reproduction

Of course, we can not ignore the fact that there are 8 years between these two games and შორისYou are the last among them Has much more technological resources and fewer hardware limitations than Resident Will 4 He had his time. I even say that without Ashley in her time, such a good and smart Eli would not be with us today.

It is even clearer that we will not have such cool and well-built companions later in the horror franchise itself as it is in the case of Sheva, Helen and Moira. Resident Will 5, Resident Will 6 And Resident Evil Revelations 2. We just have to remember that each of them had some tactical knowledge or previous experience that makes us appreciate Ashley more, given that he did what he could with what he was given. With that in mind, do you really think it is necessary that all characters, regardless of gender, really need to be physically or tactically trained to be interesting?

Room for improvement

An important factor that really bothers me in the original version Resident Will 4 There are a few jokes that make Ashley mature, for example, the moment when Luis Serra comments that the girl is well-fitted when looking at a young woman’s breasts, or when the player controlled the gun in a way that was possible under her skirt. VR.

The new Ashley has appeared in the announcement of the RE4 remake and we are sure that it will be even more interesting in this version.The new Ashley has appeared in the announcement of the RE4 remake and we are sure that it will be even more interesting in this version.Source: Capcom / Reproduction

Unfortunately, such facts were quite common in the games released in the 1990s and 2000s, in recent years more awareness has been developed on the subject. While Ashley defended herself from Lewis’s comments and the player’s gaze, these are completely unnecessary scenes that add nothing to the game and only serve as a joke, so much so that Capcom noticed and removed them from VR. A version of the game that has just been released.

Only this will be a good example of how Resident Evil 4 remake It can have a big improvement not only in her game and visuals, but also in how Ashley introduces herself to the world again. Make no mistake, we do not want him to be a zombie killer monster, but rather have more resources to defend himself or even more gameplay sections that are just dedicated to him. We do not expect him to be like Ethan Winters, who, despite being an ordinary citizen, managed to escape Resident Evil 7 With the help of a mold and a special exercise previously conducted by Chris Redfield Resident Evil 8.

We even got it in the part where we control Ashley in the original game in which she had to use parts of the scenery to defend herself or the monsters around her to escape independently. Personally, I thought this was one of the most interesting sections of the title, after all, it broke expectations and everything we had learned so far with Leon.

For me it was a real lesson on how a normal person could behave and survive in such a hostile environment and there is no denying that Ashley with grace and skill coped with the most horrible and vulnerable moment. Of course, there is the stereotype of a vulnerable Virgo, there are few in the game, and nothing contributes to the narrative, except that it is completely lazy.

The thing is, I do not believe that Ashley falls into this category. She is much more like our behavior, even more courageous than most would be in these situations, so if this is a woman in need, the same can be said of all of us.

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