REPO MAN, an RPG about a debt collector in a world of neon lights, is revealed

REPO MAN, an intriguing story-driven RPG set in an alternate world of art nouveau, neon lights and conspiracies, will be released on PC in 2023. Developers primarily emphasize history and its unique style. The gameplay will offer complex dialogue, negotiation, exploration, combat and mechanics borrowed from stealth and card games, all combined in an open world.

The game is developed by Achara Studios, an independent Polish development team dedicated to titles focused on storytelling and high-quality design. REPO MAN is built with Unreal Engine 5. The game is published by Games Box SA, a subsidiary of the Ultimate Games SA group.

The Achara Studios project is a first-person RPG focused on single-player gameplay. It revolves around dialogue, investigation, negotiation and proper time management. While REPO MAN is primarily driven by its elaborate, multi-layered storyline, the game also offers stealth gameplay, card gameplay, combat, and exploration elements.

“More importantly, this is not another so-called walking simulator.” REPO MAN is closer to Torment than Disco Elysium. When developing the game, we make every effort to ensure that our title offers a diverse and engaging gameplay, rather than just clicking on dialogue options.”says Alan Padzinski, CEO of Achara Studios.

The player takes on the role of Arthur Newsted, a debt collector whose life is thrown into disarray when he suddenly finds himself deeply in debt. Expelled from the world of corporate aristocracy, he is forced to return to his hometown of San Alma. Newstead faces not only the need to regularly pay off debts, but also mysterious events and schemes that escalate by the week.

“In REPO MAN, we will transport players to an alternate reality – a world that is similar to ours, in some ways more developed and in others delayed. This is a world inhabited not only by humans, but also by fae – descendants of mythological creatures similar to elves, dryads and satyrs. The people of the planet also have to deal with TDD, an epidemic type of depression whose cause is unknown. This world is closer to the end than to the beginning.”Alan Padzinski explains.

The developers consider a unique graphic design with motifs reminiscent of the Art Nouveau style. The distinctive atmosphere of the game is enhanced by an original soundtrack that combines various genres, including synthwave, fado, ethnic and symphonic music.

“REPO MAN is one of the most intriguing titles to be released in 2023. It might appeal to those who like playing Planescape: Torment or Disco Elysium, and in terms of presentation it will please fans of the BioShock series, Deus Ex, Dishonored. and such”says Tomáš Supel, CEO of Games Box SA

As announced by the publisher, a demo version of the game will be released on PC in the first quarter of 2023, offering a glimpse of what REPO MAN will bring.

  • A story-based debt collection RPG.
  • Trade, search and fight.
  • Alternative world realized in neon art nouveau style.
  • Stealth and card game mechanics.
  • Original soundtrack.

REPO MAN will be released on PC (Steam) in 2023. It is also slated for a later release on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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