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this year, Brazilian game show will revive the most nostalgic memories of old-time gamers. In addition to the dedicated stand NintendoKnown for games Super MarioLatin America’s largest gaming exhibition is also celebrating its 30th anniversary vowelEternal talisman SEGA. And for those who already had a warm heart, we prepared a retrospective of the most outstanding moments of the hedgehog’s career.

Fight your way to the top in the classic era

Sonic fueled the rivalry between SEGA and Nintendo in the 90s.

Sonic made his big debut Poor SonicThe character was created in the middle of 1991 Yuji Naka and Naoto OshimaSpecifically Nintendo’s mustachioed plumber competitor.

And the idea worked very well. Sonic’s charisma was so great that the game soon became the flagship game mega drive And he took the post of mascot for SEGA himself. He managed to conquer the whole world with only one pair of red shoes and a dream.

Tails and Knuckles entered the race in the 2D era.

In the following years, the hedgehog gained his first allies in the constant battle with Robotnik. In 1992Fox tails made his debut Sonic The Hedgehog 2 As a big fan of the sprinter. And two years later, St 1994Find the main character on the knees friend and rival in the game Sonic The Hedgehog 3.

The duo earned it so much that Sonic was no longer allowed. Hero had other smaller games in its classic era, experimenting with gauntlets and other genres. It even returned to the pixelated world in 2010 Sonic The Hedgehog 4But his most remarkable adventures continue on the sidelines tails and on the knees.

outside of games

Sonic X made the franchise even more popular, especially Amy.

It didn’t take long for Sonic to invade televisions. From the beginning, the blue bird appeared in two animations in 1993 – Sonic the Hedgehog and The Adventures of Sonic, which aired on TV Colosso in 1996. It was very stupid, but it was hot in the United States. And here also some of the essential characteristics of the character, such as his, were defined The love of hot dogs.

Well it came later Good morning and Co series Sonic Underground, a crazy story where Sonic even had two brothers – Sonia and Manik. But the animation that was most successful in Brazil certainly was Sonic X.

Sonic Boom is one of the best cartoons out there today.

It was the first anime inspired by the games, but its biggest success was outside of Japan. As in the recent films, the plot brought the hedgehog and his friends to Earth. next to the human boy Chris, they encounter Robotnik’s evil plans. Nothing difficult, but it was a success Jetix and also inside TV GlobinioHelping to further promote Sonic in Brazil.

Its most flawless animation is also its most underrated. Recently, the hedgehog became a star sound boomA fantastic reinterpretation of the speedster team with sarcastic and clever humor that suits the character very well.

Unlike the same scary new game, Boom is one of the best hedgehog products. The episodes are available on Netflix, which is producing its own original series from the gaming legend – Sonic Prime — to agree with the next game Sonic Frontiers. But speaking of that, we need to get back to the game and delve into the modern era of the hedgehog.

modern era

Shadow appeared as Sonic’s counterpart and later gained more backstory.

Many game series have struggled to transition from a two-dimensional world to a third dimension. But following the example of Super Mario 64, developers learned that the key to getting it right was to create an entirely new experience that spoke to the themes of the great classic. So Sonic made his debut in the modern era in 1998 Sonic Adventure for that Dreamcast.

It wasn’t just the gameplay that was updated to enhance the feeling of speed. Sonic himself was a different character. While the classic Sonic was short, round and friendly, the new modern Sonic is made Yuji was in charge He was tall, thin and cheeky – synonymous with a pretty boy at the time.

This first adventure featured his old friends, Tails and Knees, as well Amy, which the hero loved. and in order Sonic adventure 2 In 2001 we have a mysterious debut shadowwhich has its own campaign with Robotnik and a vampire blush. This game ended Sonic’s exclusivity for SEGA consoles.

Something no one expected: Sonic Werewolf.

After that, the company stopped producing its own consoles and started producing games for older competitors. So Sonic made his debut Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2003 with the game Sonic Heroes. However, away from home, the hedgehog entered a dark age of games of questionable quality, and it took some time to rediscover his identity.

By experimenting with new ideas, the team created a controversial shooter Shadow of the hedgehogoverload Poor Sonic Introducing the Time Traveler silver and a series of exclusives Nintendo Wii that he did not win. among these bombs, Sonic Unleashed It was released, in which the players made their debut Sonic Werewolf. The idea is so outlandish that it ended up consecrating the title as a cult classic that was only properly appreciated many years later.

Eventually Sonic and Mario were able to resolve their 90s rivalry in Pune.

And ironically, it was on the Nintendo Wii that Sonic found his new home. He began a sports partnership with his old rival and played in the official Beijing Olympics. Mario & Sonic at the Olympics. After a while, the hedgehog was again invited to the cast Super Smash Bros. fightJoin a select group of the greatest crossover fighters in gaming.

Increasingly calm in enemy territory, the hero finally found a way to break free Sonic Colors, in 2010. The game struck the right balance between adventure and speed, setting the stage for the future of modern Sonic games. And it introduced a certain puzzle element WhispersPowerful colorful ghosts that never left the franchise.

A reunion of generations of fans who never left

Now that everything was in harmony Sonic generations The whole story of the hero has come to be collected in one game. For the first time, it’s possible to control both the rounded Classic Sonic and the bold Modern Sonic in the same game. The game was a game changer, with new and old fans alike. So the formula was repeated 2017 year with Sonic Forces.

Sonic’s Rebirth

Right now, fans of the blue bird are very well served, as we live in an era that could be considered a Sonic renaissance. The hedgehog lives in the best moment in all the areas it has to offer.

Sonic managed to deliver one of the best movie adaptations of games of all time.

Sound mania, in 2017, was a fan love letter to fans of the hero’s classic era. The game oozes nostalgia and takes the series to a new level. In addition, he rescued two missing characters from Sonic’s history, The mighty armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrelwhich appeared only in the Arcadian era.

The movies also surprised everyone. In 2020, weeks before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sonic: The Movie was an absolute success. long live action Paramount Pictures brought the hedgehog into the real world, with a dose of bespoke humor. sequence, Sonic 2: The Movie 2022 was even better, adapting more elements of the game. And the story will be continued in another film and a series produced from it on the kneeson Paramount+.

And finally, to celebrate 30 years of history, a never-before-seen modern-era Sonic game is in development later this year – Sonic Frontiers.

30 years of Sonic at BGS

A lot has happened during the journey in the most beloved hedgehog games, and in this rush it may be time to stop and celebrate.

In 2021, the Sonic franchise has officially reached a milestone 30 years of history, but due to the pandemic, the celebrations had to be limited. So this year the hedgehog is back with everything to celebrate his birthday and BGS 2022 has been chosen to host the party.

Meet the mind behind Sonic

Izuka comes to Brazil for the first time at BGS

Start, Takashi IizukaThe current creative director of the Sonic series will be in Brazil for the first time specifically for the event. His journey with Hedgehog started very early as a game designer Sonic The Hedgehog 3 in 1994. Since then, Iizuka has been gaining more and more space in Sonic Team and has taken over the leadership of the mascots 3D phase. Sonic Adventure.

Every major Sonic game has Iizuka-san’s finger, including Sound maniain which he acted as a producer, and this will be no different Sonic Frontiers, which will debut at the end of this year. In honor of this incredible journey, the developer will receive Lifetime Achievement AwardAward for his career, on the BGS main stage.

Iizuka-san will be at the exhibition October 11 and 12In direct contact with the fans during the sessions BGS Meet & Greet Intelin panels at BGS talks about TikTok And also at the opening ceremony. In addition to his presence, the event will also have another must-see attraction for hedgehog fans: the world premiere Sonic Symphony.

Hypersonic Orchestra

A show full of emotions

To remember the most iconic moments of the Sonic series in style, an international orchestra will travel the world with a rock band playing unforgettable songs from the most popular blue hedgehog games. and Sonic Symphony kicks off a world tour right here in Brazil BGS 2022.

The orchestra has prepared a special presentation for the Brazilian public, which will take place on the last day of the fair, October 12. It’s a great way to say goodbye to the biggest edition ever BGS 2022 ever had in all history!

If you are a gamer, you cannot miss this edition of Brasil Game Show. The largest games fair in Latin America is held between October 7 and 12 in Sao Paulo, in Expo Center Norte. Tickets are on sale on the site, but you better go like Sonic because Saturday tickets are already sold out.

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