Redfall: A new long and detailed video for the Arkane game at Quakecon 2022

As planned, Redfall practically opened QuakeCon 2022 prime time with a long, deep video for almost half an hour From which a lot of interesting information about the Arkane game emerged, which gave a more accurate idea of ​​​​its features.

Several members of Arkane, such as game designer Harvey Smith, creative director Ricardo Barre, art director Karen Segars, and lead producer Aaron Carter introduced Redfall, commenting on the game’s development and features in gameplay images and snippets. Gameplay and cutscenes, including previously seen material and others unpublished.

The presentation focused on various aspects, from its specific setup, to its characters and features, as well as gameplay elements that should be a bit unique compared to other first-person shooters.

Arkane’s in-depth video aims to answer a lot of questions, explain what Redfall is: As Smith reports, it basically tries to capture what Arkane does best, which is A hybrid between RPG and FPSAnd expand it even further, apply it to the unique open world which works in both single player and co-op multiplayer.

For developers, this is the title The most ambitious attemptAs it tries to offer narrative elements with emergent game mechanics that combine typical open-world features with first-person shooter and RPG features, all based on characters, you can take advantage of different abilities and be able to deal with threats. in different ways.

In addition, a more open scenario allows a A mix of chance encounters and scripted moments Also depending on the current day/night cycle, all represent multiple sources of gameplay variation. These and many other aspects of Redfall, such as character progression and weapon customization, were showcased in a lengthy video, which can be seen above, at the launch of QuakeCon 2022, which is currently underway.

Remember that the game is expected in the first half of 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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