Red Dead Redemption now runs over 100 FPS on PC thanks to the Xbox 360 emulator

The new version of Xenia Canary provides big leaps for the Rockstar game

Although Red Dead Redemption 2 was officially released for PC, its predecessor never received any other versions except for Rockstar Games. Xbox 360 This is PlayStation 3. However, those who have a powerful enough computer can not only enjoy the game, but Make it even better than on desktop consoles.

The Emulators & Gameplay HD channel released a new video this week showing off Performance gains brought to the game by the latest version of the Xenia Canary emulator. Using a powerful machine equipped with a CPU Intel Core i9-12900K is RTX 3080TiThe record shows that the game’s performance exceeds 100 frames per second in many areas.

Although the cost is low compared to other PC games, it is necessary to take into account that everything is emulated from the title, which is often done on consoles. It didn’t even hit the 30 FPS target. In addition, the original Red Dead Redemption became famous for being tagged Development issues and technical challenges Which never got their console performance very close to ideal.

Performance may vary

A demo posted by the channel shows that there is an Xbox 360 emulator in some parts Can play at over 130 FPS. However, performance drops off in more populated areas, and unfortunately the video doesn’t let you see how the game behaves during more intense combat or later in its story.

officially, The best way to enjoy Red Dead Redemption remains through Xbox One X or Xbox Series X|SPlatforms on which he wins 4K resolution and tighter performance stops at 30 FPS. Rumors indicate that while Rockstar Games considered remastering the game, it abandoned the idea once GTA 6 began development.

The new game also forced the developer to stop producing new content for Red Dead Redemption 2’s online mode. Although this does not necessarily mean the end of the franchise, everything points to it It will still be a few years before there will be any significant news about him come to the community.


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