Red Dead Redemption 2 gets a new story and missions thanks to the work of the modder

Life of Crime promises a new campaign for the game with an unprecedented protagonist

but Red Dead Redemption 2 It never received any expansions for its single-player story, and its multiplayer support is coming to an end. The modding community remains committed to ensuring the future of the game. Created by CruelMasterMC “Life of Crime” mod It promises to expand the game’s single player with new stories and never-before-seen gameplay systems.

After installation, the mod allows you to create a new character (male or female) and Take part in a campaign consisting of several grand heists. The progression system available is a modified version of the one offered in multiplayer, providing an updated experience.

According to the creator of Life of Crime, The goal of the new story is for players to create their own characters and adventures, rather than simply returning to control Arthur Morgan or John Marston. “As you play the game, you can get all the weapons by buying them from the gunsmith or finding them anywhere on the map, earn more money by completing missions.“, explains the developer.

Mod forces the player to assume the role of a fugitive

The story of Life of Crime begins with the player-controlled character escaping from Siska Penitentiary and returning to a life of crime. Quests begin with contact with an old acquaintancewhich guides the hero on one of the available missions.

At the moment, The mod allows you to take part in train robbery and palace invasionAnd there are plans to add more options soon. According to CruelMasterMc, his goal is to do Frequent mod updates and add features such as target hunting and other types of missions.

– Continues after commercial –

While the future of the Red Dead Redemption series remains open, Rockstar Games has already confirmed that it is More and more efforts are being devoted to the production of Grand Theft Auto 6. At the same time, the company promises to continue to bring Grand Theft Auto Online updates and exclusive content to subscribers of the GTA+ plan.


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