Ramattra is a new tank coming to Overwatch 2 in December

The omnic hero uses his transforming powers to become a major threat on the battlefield

During last Friday’s (4) Overwatch League Finals broadcast, Blizzard revealed the name and features. The next character to join the cast of Overwatch 2. Ramatra There will be a tank class omni hero who promises to appear in the next narrative arc the game is going to tell.

According to the developer, The new character is set to debut in the game’s second competitive season, scheduled for December 6. He promises to form a strong bond with Healer Zenyatta and offers a Unique gameplayAs a result, it has the ability to transform.

This means that in addition to players being able to use Ramattra’s omni form, they can also Will be able to use their Nemesis transformation In Overwatch 2. Although in the first the character has more balanced characteristics, in the second he suggests a A more aggressive posture which is great for breaking through enemy defense lines.

Ramattra first appeared in 2019

As well as other characters joining the cast of Overwatch 2, Ramattra has previously appeared in other Blizzard-published material.. In 2019, he was one of the stars of the PvE Storm Rising move, talking to Doomfist, who currently also plays a tank in the game’s roster.

According to character designer Alec Dawson, The character will be able to protect his companions from a distance And when he takes Nemesis form, he becomes “the biggest target on the battlefield.” “You’re running up to enemies, you’re attacking them, and you’ve got these kicks that you’re trying to use to get to the back line and take out some of your more fragile enemies.He explained.

As with Kiriko, Ramatra must be accessed Awarded for free only to those who reach the advanced level of Overwatch Battle Pass 2 — or pay for the Premium track. Blizzard says it is constantly evaluating how it will offer new characters and that it is attentive to criticisms that players have made about the game’s monetization practices.

Overwatch 2 will tease Genji, Sombra, and D.Va in mid-November

Overwatch 2 will tease Genji, Sombra, and D.Va in mid-November
Blizzard also plans to make tweaks to some of the game’s tanks in an upcoming update.


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