Ragnarok + NFT? Gravity opens global pre-registration for the franchise’s first game with NFT elements ⋆

earlier this yearAs we publish here, The gravity started Labyrinth of Ragnarok Globally, including in Brazil, with Portuguese translation rights. Now, although the “fever” of NFTs has passed, the producer, who has already adapted his most famous franchise to meet the most diverse audiences, has decided to announce that the game will soon receive an NFT version. Thus, we can say that here we find the first title in the legendary Ragnarok franchise that contains Play-to-Earn elements. Shall we go into details?

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With the huge success of Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT earlier this year in Southeast Asia, where the game ranked among the top 10 most popular and profitable games on the Google Play Store in Thailand, the Philippines, and Indonesia, Gravity decided to prepare the game for release. on a global scale. Still without a confirmed release date, Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT is integrated with blockchain technology through ONBUFF points that can be traded through the platform. INNO (https://inno.onbuff.com). In this way, the title promises not only to deliver an amazing gaming experience, but also to reward players with digital financial assets that can be earned every minute of gameplay.

The pre-registration campaign for the global release of Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT has already started, however, it is only available for now.s via the Google Play Store. you Players who pre-register will receive different rewards, with different reward levels based on the total number of pre-registered users. If 300,000 players pre-register, everyone will be rewarded with 2,000 ONBUFF points and other in-game items. The developer reminds that all rewards will be given to players who create an account within two weeks of the launch of the global service and to existing players. That is, rewards can be claimed within the first two weeks of the global launch.

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