QUINA Result Today Today Thursday 27/10 Competition 5985

In this Thursday (27)A Cashier draw competition 5985 by lottery moan. And once again, the draw will be broadcast live from Espaço da Sorte in São Paulo and can be viewed below as soon as Caixa publishes the broadcast.


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How to play Quina

To play, bettors must pick between 5 and 15 numbers out of 80 on the wheel. A choice is also possible A little surprisewhere the system can pick numbers at random.

Who wins at Quina?

Prizes will be awarded to those who match 2, 3, 4 or 5 numbers. Bettors can still compete with the same bet on 3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 consecutive matches against Teimosinha.

When are the Quina draws?

Quina is the lottery with the most draws this week. There are 6 weekly draws: Monday to Saturday, always at 8pm.

How much is a Quina bet?

The price of a bet with 5 numbers is R$ 2.00. The more numbers you mark, the higher the bet price and the greater the chance of winning.

Quina award

The total premium corresponds to 43.35% of the collection. From this value:

35% is distributed among those who match the number 5,

15% among those who match 4 numbers,

10% among those who match 3 numbers,

10% among those who match 2 numbers,

15% is collected and distributed to Quina winners in the final 5 and

15% is collected for those who match the 5 numbers of Quina de São João.

Quina ticket. (Image: Reproduction)

Prizes expire 90 days after drawing. After this period, the funds are transferred to the National Treasury for investment in FIES (Fund for Higher Education Students).

When quince accumulates

If there is no winning bet, in the regular competition, in Group 1, 2, 3 or 4, the value(s) are accumulated for the next competition in Prize Group 1.

Prizes expire 90 days after drawing. After this period, the funds are transferred to the National Treasury for investment in FIES (Fund for Higher Education Students).

Where to bet on Quina

To place a bet, simply follow the procedures mentioned above and register a bet at any lottery house located in the states Acre Alagoas Amapá Amazonas Bahia Ceará Federal District Espirito Santo Goias Maranhão Mato Grosso Mato Grosso do Sul Minas Gerais Pará Paraíba Paraná Pernambuco Janae Rio de Rio. Grande do Norte Rio Grande do Sul Rondônia Roraima Santa Catarina São Paulo Sergipe Tocantins

About Bolão da Quina

Bolão CAIXA is an opportunity that the bettor must place bets in a group. Just fill in the appropriate field on the steering wheel or ask the lottery attendant. Pools at Quina have a minimum price of R$10.00. However, each share cannot be worth less than R$3.00. A minimum of 2 and a maximum of 50 share pools can be implemented. A maximum of 10 bets are allowed per pool.

In the case of more than one betting pool, they must all contain the same number of prediction numbers. You can also buy lottery shares organized by lottery entities. In this case, an additional service fee of up to 35% of the quota value may be charged.

number of numbers Allows Bolão Minimum number of shares for Bolão Maximum number of shares for Bolão Minimum quota value The minimum cost of the pool The maximum value of the pool
5 two 6 BRL 3.00 BRL 10.00 BRL 20.00
6 two 30 BRL 3.00 BRL 12.00 BRL 120.00
7 two 50 BRL 3.00 BRL 42.00 BRL 420.00
8 two 50 BRL 3.00 BRL 112.00 BRL 1,120.00
9 two 50 BRL 5.04 BRL 252.00 BRL 2,520.00
10 two 50 BRL 10.08 BRL 504.00 BRL 5,040.00
11 two 50 BRL 18.48 BRL 924.00 BRL 9,240.00
12 two 50 BRL 31.68 BRL 1,584.00 BRL 15,840.00
13 two 50 BRL 51.48 BRL 2,574.00 BRL 25,740.00
14 two 50 BRL 80.08 BRL 4,004.00 BRL 40,040.00
15 two 50 BRL 120.12 BRL 6,006.00 BRL 60,060.00

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