PUBG is getting a new map, Deston, with an urban area and new features

The update is already available on the PC version

The modern father of the battle royale genre, PUBG: Battlegrounds, continues to show that it still has its breath. The game received a New map Yesterday (12) for PC version of the game. Deston brings a variety of environments, and that’s the main thing A city with tall buildings that brings a very urban feel to the game for the first time, as well as new features.

Deston is a region that was “destroyed by a catastrophic storm” and left “only massive treatment plants, algae farms and flooded urban debris,” as described on the official website. Among the different regions of the map, six of them are highlighted: the swamp, the concert, the montage, the hydroelectric dam, the arena and the city of Ripton.

Check out below the major new features coming to PUBG with the new update that brings a new map.

Deston map news

  • Climb: Quickly climb skyscrapers with ascending ropes attached to buildings. Ascendants may be your only way to reach the terrace of tall buildings.
  • Airship: A convertible boat that uses a propeller to cross water and land. Enjoy high speed in swamps and shallow or deep water with the new Jet Boat.
  • Auxiliary Parachute: A parachute that can be used by all players in Deston. Jump from a certain height, press the interaction button and slide as you want.
  • Pillar Car: Often confused with a car, it was designed for pursuit and combat on the move.
  • Fuel Pump: Use these to refuel or blow up vehicles and damage enemies.

Neymar Jr. is the new ambassador of PUBG

– Continues after commercial –

In addition, the new update introduced the “world’s fastest rifle” O12 to the game, which focuses on medium and long-range combat. Another weapon added was the MP9 assault rifle, aimed at short ranges.

Also new to Deston are some doors that lock with electric locks and require a swipe card to open. New costumes and skins have also been added to the Deston map.

With the new update, PUBG is back on Steam with a record high number of concurrent players, reaching almost 400k yesterday. The new map is available now on the PC version and will be released on consoles on July 21st.


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