PS1 games run at 1440p and PS2 games at 720p on the new PS Plus

The only PSP game available yet runs at 1080p

We posted yesterday (25) here Adrenaline Comparison made by the channel ElAnalistaDeBits At YouTube Between versions PS1, PS2 And PSP New PlayStation PlusAmong the information obtained from the video, we had information about the resolution of classic games No. PlayStation 4 And PlayStation 5.

Games PlayStation 1 Run 1440p At PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 ProAnd the version for that Original PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Slim Steering wheel 1080pDue to the support for maximum resolution of the latest generation of the most basic consoles.

Games Playstation 2 Run 720p all PlayStation 4 And also inside PlayStation 5Among them, the version that plays on the PS5 belongs to the PS4 and works in rear compatibility mode. Echochrome This is the only game PSP Available in the catalog PS Classics Currently and plays at 1080p resolution, which significantly improves the quality of the game released on the handheld console.

The demo version of PS4 and PS5 games available on the new PS Plus has different durations

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PS Plus Classics: See a comparison with PS1, PS2 and PSP games already available on the service
The new PlayStation Plus is now available in Asia and will arrive in Brazil on June 13th

In addition to the low resolution presented for games Playstation 2 Compared to the PS1 and PSP, PS2 games have stability issues with the frequency of unstable frames, Toy Story is an example of a game that experiences these issues and runs at less than 35 FPS in some parts of the game.

Classic games have features that include three different image processing filters Default (Standard), Retro classics (Imitates a CRT screen) and Modern (Enhanced), it is also possible to select the game screen aspect with options such as 1: 1, 4: 3 for that 16: 9 And 4: 3 for that 16:10.

What did you think of the resolutions presented in the games PS Classics? Share your opinion in the comments!

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