PS VR2 has already been played by some machines around the world

Sony is preparing the ground for the grand launch of the PS VR2, a next-generation virtual reality device scheduled to debut in early 2023. With this, some cars around the world have already had the opportunity to try it out gadget and reporting their experiences on networks.

The first previews were published this Wednesday morning (14) by the likes of IGN, GameSpot and Eurogamer – in addition to the PS Blog. Impressions were based on gameplay footage from Resident Evil Village, Horizon Call of the Mountain, Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners — Chapter 2: Vengeance, and Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge.

Starting with IGN, the North American car has released two videos. In the first, the site fully explained the functionality of the PS VR2, mainly about the physical aspects of the device, such as the buttons and available controls. The second brings impressions of Horizon Call of Mountain. Check:

GameSpot picked up an extensive article on their website reporting on the PS VR2 experience, also based on Horizon gameplay. Here the praise was mainly directed at the richness of graphic details. Responsible journalist practical said the following:

The level of detail shown was really impressive, mostly because I didn’t expect it from a VR game. I know how negative that sounds with all VR games, of which there are some really impressive looking ones. However, there is a clear line between the look of a VR game and a non-VR game – there is a level of richness, detail and polish that separates the two. Horizon Call of the Mountain walks that line in PSVR 2.

Finally, Eurogamer released a video exploring the technical and physical aspects of PS VR2, as well as Horizon’s gameplay. In addition, the machine was able to play Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners — Chapter 2: Revenge, Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge and Resident Evil Village. Watching:

PS VR2 games can now be added to wishlists in the PS Store

Thinking about protecting PS VR2 at launch? Then know that it’s now possible to add device games to your PS Store wishlist. Check out the details!

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