Protagonists, the return of cult symbols in the cryptocurrency system is revealed in a leak

GTA 6 can have three playable characters, character return, online shopping system, stock market and cryptocurrency

Once it has reached a great level JTA 5With the title coming to three different generations of consoles, the sixth part of the saga has been awaited by game lovers for a long time. Although Rockstar Games Recently confirmed that it worked GTA 6Rumors about a new game have not stopped in recent months.

Now, as I mention the site Drug addictsThe former graphic designer, who worked in the alleged translation studio of the German Rockstar Games, leaked information about Reddit on Reddit. GTA 6. At the time this employee was working on the game Rockstar Games, This one made a huge post about various aspects of the game. This employee says he worked on translating several pages of the game, as well as translating some of the apps we will see Grand Theft Auto 6.

GTA 6 cover
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This alleged employee created a Reddit profile called HerrVonCrastenburg and said he worked for a German company until 2019 that provided translation as well as localization and game reviews. He said: “Rockstar is very secretive about their projects and will not reveal anything until it is ready for release. Therefore, he says he has not seen the game, but its parts such as PNG, pictures, several scenes in production and some separate assets.

The user also said, “There are three characters that can be played. Case, Ricardo And Rose“This is the last female character. Secondary characters like it Tony Prince in GTA 4 To return Grand Theft Auto 6.

Also, the game seems to be evolving in modern days, after all, an official says he has only seen a few vintage car models. One of the articles on the game’s news sites mentions hurricanes and hurricanes, as well as reports of crimes committed in the GTA.

Another rumor that has just been spread came from a guy who lives in downtown Miami and mentioned that some Rockstar employees were in town. He said Rockstar Games Was in Winwood, taking some pictures of the buildings and asking permission from some retail stores to take and collect “references” for work in a manufacturing company.

As you all know, the main rumors and leaks GTA 6 Specify that the game city will be a new version of the icon Vice City Which is inspired by Miami.

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