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Project Zomboid is a survival game in which players must face a zombie apocalypse on a giant map. For this reason, it’s important to understand how certain items work, where to find the necessary materials, what survival techniques to take, and how to build safe bases to avoid raiders. considering this, TechTudo We’ve put together twelve tips to improve your game and stay in the game as long as possible. It should be remembered that the title is available for PC through the digital stores Steam and GOG, for R$ 37.99.

🎮 Project Zomboid: How to build a safe base in a survival game

Project Zomboid is a survival game with zombies and RPG elements — Photo: Disclosure / The Indie Stone

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Silence is an important tool in Project Zomboid, as zombies are attracted to sound. For this reason, avoid running even in risky situations. By tilting, the player reduces unnecessary noise and saves time to search the environment without running away. In general, making noises such as yelling or blaring car sirens is only useful when the plan is to create specific distractions or strategies.

Crouched gait prevents zombies from attracting attention and makes less noise – Photo: Reproduction/Marcelo Villela

2. Load only what you need

With so many items in the game, it’s natural for a player to be tempted to own as many as possible. However, if your character is carrying a lot of material, it will become heavy and difficult to move. So in risky situations, like when running away from a group of zombies, this can be a big problem.

So, to begin with, it is ideal to browse the sites for basic items. Look for supplies such as medications, water bottles, food, and backpacks/purses. Feel free to collect as time goes by loot Whatever you want, but first focus on what is necessary. The tip is to prioritize food, medical supplies, bags, books and magazines.

Load only what you need in Project Zomboid — Photo: Reproduction/Marcelo Villela

Bases are an essential element to ensure survival in the game. In the early days, finding a place is not so important, but it is interesting to start thinking about where you want to settle. Once you find the place you want, prepare it: put curtains on the windows, strengthen the structures and design an escape route in case of zombie invasion.

To make your search easier, look for well-located buildings or houses. This way, you will likely have different resources at your disposal, such as food, water, trees, tools, lakes or even weapons. However, there is no rule – the main thing is to challenge yourself and test the environment as much as possible.

Finding a base is essential to ensuring your survival in Project Zomboid — Photo: Disclosure/The Indie Stone

4. Find backpacks and bags early

Backpacks, bags, trash bags, lunch boxes, suitcases, and other items are useful for carrying your belongings. With this gear, “looting” (the act of collecting materials scattered throughout the game) becomes an easier and more efficient task. In the early stages of survival, choose to take any bag that will help you carry your belongings.

Backpacks are the best equipment for carrying things. This statement is due to the fact that with them, the player has both hands free, which makes it easier to use the weapon. Military Backpack, Large Backpack, and Large Hiking Backpack are currently the highest capacity items in the game.

Backpacks, bags and purses are useful for carrying things around town — Photo: Reproduction/Marcelo Villela

Despite the noise, cars are important to your games. They facilitate movement, serve to store materials, can transport heavy items such as refrigerators, and can be used as barricades if desired. In addition to the seats and glove compartment, the trunk can be used to store things.

When adding up seating and trunk space, the Chevalier Step Van, Dash Bulldriver, and Franklin Valuline are the vehicles with the largest storage capacity in the game. However, at the beginning of the game, use the first car you find. Finally, when seducing, avoid using vehicles to transport zombies – they will be damaged in the process.

Like backpacks, vehicles are very useful in Project Zomboid — Photo: Reproduction/Marcelo Villela

6. Wring the clothes to make a bandage

If you don’t have bandages, you can copy clothes and use them as bandages. This technique is very useful in situations that require a quick solution, such as when you need to stop bleeding. So use junk clothes to make a makeshift outfit or use zombie clothes for it. The advantage is that you never get a chance to deal with your injuries.

Shred clothes to create bandages and stop bleeding in Project Zomboid — Photo: Reproduction/Marcelo Villela

7. Watch TV and read books

Enjoy watching TV until you can turn off the power. This allows your character to increase his skills in a certain category (architecture, agriculture, mechanics, etc.). The same can be said for books and magazines, as items are an easy way to improve your skills in the game. It is also possible to learn things by watching VHS tapes, which can be found in some houses and shops around town.

Watching TV and reading books improves your character’s skills in Project Zomboid — Photo: Reproduction/Marcelo Villela

In the game it is possible to find maps of cities or some survivors who have marked the buildings around them with useful supplies. However, most of the Project Zomboid community uses the site ( to locate themselves in the game or discover environments where loot ok While you’re still getting used to the scenery, be sure to consult a map if you feel lost.

The Project Zomboid map is very useful for getting used to locations or moving from one city to another — photo: reproduction

9. Do not go out at night or during fog

Fog can also affect the setting of Project Zomboid. Therefore, when this moment comes, avoid leaving the house and especially driving. Fog obstructs vision and allows zombies to reach the player invisibly. As for the car, the probability of an accident is high because it is difficult to see obstacles on the road. A motor vehicle accident can result in death or serious injury.

If you don’t have flashlights or a night light, don’t leave the house. The situation is the same as in fog: it is difficult to see and the chance of unwanted events increases. So choose to do chores during the day.

Fog can obscure your vision, allowing zombies to reach you without being seen — Photo: Playback/Steam

10. Attention to alarms

An alarm can be triggered when breaking into a home or getting into a car. If this happens, flee the scene immediately, then wait a few hours to return and continue your investigation. If you choose to stay, you will likely have to encounter large groups of zombies that are attracted to loud noises.

Houses and cars have alarms in Project Zomboid that attract the attention of zombies; If you hear the alarm, run in the opposite direction — Photo: Play/Steam

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