Project: The Perceiver introduces combat and its vast world in debut trailer

The game is coming to PS4 and PS5, but there’s no release window at the moment

The gaming market is preparing exciting samurai/ninja themed games for next year. Project: The Perceiver, announced by Sony, is another one of them, and it looks promising🇧🇷 The game is produced by the Chinese studio Papergames 17ZHE and will offer combat and exploration with fluid and realistic movements.

The 7-minute trailer above gives us a good idea of ​​what to expect from the game. The fights are fast and mix the use of swords and martial arts strikes, unlike Ghost of Tsushima and Sekiro, for example, where the fights are cadenced.

The game will be open world with free exploration and the character will do more than simple jump and run. It will be possible to climb and run along walls, in addition to the different shapes that the character assumes, which seem to aid in movement.

“The game explores the fusion of beliefs in a fantasy world. Experience a world in chaos and meet various characters as a master of Varietas. Combine your distinctive ideals in masks and face the deadliest battles. During the Tianhu period of the Xuantang Dynasty. A strange creature was discovered inside. Its color was dirty and its shape Impossible to describe. People were terrified. Despite trying to make him divine, no conclusion could be drawn.”

The announced Chinese games surprised

Chinese titles of impressive quality have not yet appeared. The most famous and perhaps the most anticipated of these is Black Myth: Wukong, a soul-like game that takes place in Unreal Engine 5, which impresses with every new trailer. The game is promised in 2023.

Code: To Jin Yong is another UE5 title, but made by Tencent. The game, with its beautiful graphics, features very well-choreographed battles that are more like dancing. However, this title doesn’t even have a release window.

Announced at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, Aris of Awakener is an action RPG with fast-paced combat and movement that follows a medieval style unlike any other title. This is promised by 2023.

The game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is confirmed for March 2023

The game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is confirmed for March 2023
The adventure promises a high level of difficulty and numerous pre-purchase rewards


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