Project M is a Korean game made in UE5 that impresses with its graphic realism

The game will have a style that is a hallmark of Quantic Dreams titles

We have already seen many impressive tech demos using Unreal Engine 5. We know that excellent games are developed on the Epic Games graphics engine. But Project M will silence the realism that South Korean NCSoft is achieving in its new game. The trailer below speaks for itself.

I can tell you that Project M will be a Detroit-style game: Become Human or any other Quantic Dream title that focuses on cinematic-style storytelling. The game will have moments of choice as well as action with buttons that you have to press according to the decision.

The quality of the motion picture and the visual realism with the textures that practically simulate real life are very impressive and confusing even beyond doubt. The trailer shows quick snippets of scenes with actors acting in motion, which is in the AAA titles.

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With the help of English subtitles in the video it is possible to understand that the story is about revenge. The couple shown in the trailer talks about the possibility of killing a woman and he wants revenge. It is easy to assume that the game will have different story branches depending on the player’s choice, except for many endings like Quantic Dreams games.

Coincidentally, there is another game also called Project M and it also comes from a South Korean studio. But this other title is a very violent action RPG game and also promises to be an AAA title, according to developer Hound 13.

The now-presented Project M is from NCSoft Studios, which is responsible for the Lineage and Guild Wars franchises, among other minor titles. Project M, therefore, would be a great gamble in the studio entry genre, which is more common in the West.

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Project M, so far, does not have any information about the platforms or release date, but it seems that the development is already well developed.


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