Project Cars Studio founder slams EA for canceling franchise

“EA is still amazing…”

When it comes to racing games, EA owns more than just Need for Speed ​​after acquiring Codemasters. In an internal announcement earlier today, Electronic Arts revealed that it is ending the Project Cars franchise for strategic reasons. The founder of Slightly Mad Studios, the studio that created the franchise, criticized the decision and questioned how it would affect lives.

“EA continues to be awesome… I’ve said it before and I stand by my word as they continue to claim they are. What are the numbers (sorry, I mean people with hopes and dreams and families) on your bottom line? Sheets?” reports Ian Bell on Twitter🇧🇷

Bell left Slightly Mad Studios in October 2021, the studio he founded in 2009, saying it started as a “crazy dream for ambitious racing fans in the late ’90s.” “With the studio’s future secured, it is now time for me to go. It has been a privilege to share our dreams with you. Thank you,” Bell said at the time🇧🇷

Ian Bell has hit out at EA after it canceled Need for Speed ​​Shift 3

It’s not today that the founder of Slightly Mad Studios hates EA. As VGC recalls, in an interview given in 2017, Ian Bell recounts his story with the Need for Speed ​​​​​​​​Shift series, which he presented to EA.

“We made a game called Need for Speed ​​Shift, we made a game called Shift 2, and EA came to me and said: “Two months with Shift 2, we can give you 1.5 million if you agree not to talk to anyone. other publishers. […]Or work with any other developer and we’ll give you 1.5 million and sign Shift 3,” says Bell.

“So I said okay, good deal. I took 1.5 million, paid the guys bonuses, and two weeks before we were supposed to start work on Shift 3, they cancel without warning.” – reports the founder of Slightly Mad Studios. .

As for the Project Cars franchise, Electronic Arts has decided to “shut down future development and investment” and will redirect the professionals involved in it to other studios, according to sources from the Games Industry website.

Project Cars appeared independently in 2015 and since 2019 is part of the responsible studio Codemasters, which was acquired by EA in 2021.

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