Project CARS and Project CARS 2 will be pulled from stores due to expired licenses

But those who already have the games can play normally

Sharing space with Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo, Project CARS is considered one of the best racing simulator franchises. The franchise, which has three titles so far, will have The first two will be removed from stores in the near future as the car and track licenses expire.

The announcement was made in St Twitter A game official says that anyone who owns Project CARS and Project CARS 2 will be able to continue playing as normal and enjoy all of the games’ features, including multiplayer. The first title will open in stores on October 3. As for the second one, it will no longer be possible to buy it from September 21.

“We remain focused on creating the best racing sim titles, and as we’ve mentioned before, we look forward to sharing more about Slightly Mad’s next project when the time is right,” the studio said.

Slightly Mad Studios has already pulled another title from circulation

This isn’t the first time Slightly Mad Studios has pulled a game from stores. Fast & Furious Crossroads was the first, but for another reason: the poor reception of the game, very low scores and no less, because the title delivered very low quality in all aspects.

Slightly Mad Studios was acquired by Codemasters before Electronic Arts acquired the Grid and Dirt franchise for $1.2 billion last year. So Slightly Mad Studios is now also owned by EA.

Only EA owns the Need for Speed, Project CARS, Grid, Dirt and F1 IPs. These are all among the biggest names when it comes to racing. To this day, the F1 franchise continues to receive one new title per year, with Grid Legends coming in at the beginning of this one and the rest of the franchises being suspended for at least two years.

Recently, EA teamed up with Codemasters Chesire Criterion to co-create the new Need for Speed. No details have yet been released for this new title in the franchise. Gamescom is knocking on the door and we’ll see if EA decides to show anything there.

The next Need For Speed ​​game will arrive between September and October 2022

The next Need For Speed ​​game will arrive between September and October 2022
Hopefully this is the new Underground


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