Probable pictures of the game appear on the networks

There are as many stars in the sky as there are rumors about the new Silent Hill franchise, which most fans want to see. It looks like the saga game could actually take place behind the scenes as some images of the alleged project appeared on the networks – and were quickly deleted due to copyright.

Who shared the photos Twitter Was Dusk Golem, a well-known name in the Resident Evil community. Shortly after its publication, Insider a Strike On a social network, which will even temporarily deactivate your account. A copyright complaint is sufficient to justify the originality of the content.

The first tweet – Silent Hill Leak. There are many things I do not share now. This is a relatively new source for me, but I’ve got more than enough evidence to believe it. I will also name “Anita and Maya” and “SMS messages”. This is not the only franchise game in development.

The second tweet – The pictures are a bit dated, they are from 2020, so maybe this project will look a little different now. But I chose to share. I know many doubt this, but I have plenty of personal evidence to prove it is real and as always, I’m still waiting for the game to be revealed.

The first tweet – Relief.

The second tweet – I deleted the rest of the photo just so the account would not be banned, but this is definitely a development.

Pictures of the alleged Silent Hill are now unavailable on Twitter, but many sober eyes on the internet have managed to find them and post them on Reddit. The work has been around since its 2020 release, and Golem argues that it’s not the only title in the series that is currently in development.

The pictures show a dirty room with a red corridor with notes covering the wall and a standing silhouette and a woman’s face that was partially removed with messages on her skin such as “I hate my head.” One even has the signature of Masahiro Ito, the monster designer and art director for the original Silent Hill trilogy.

Noteworthy: a MeuPlayStation Chose not to display art in this article because of copyright.

Production of the alleged Silent Hill has not been officially confirmed

Finally, it is important to remember this Production of the alleged Silent Hill has not been officially confirmed by Konami. Therefore, Be careful with text, even if photos have been deleted due to copyright.

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