Pro versions on the way? Studios would already be receiving PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrade kits

Leaker says kits have arrived for most AAA developers, or will arrive in early 2023

According to information leaked by popular dataminer Tez2, The PlayStation 5 Pro development kit and the new Xbox Series X are already in the hands of developers. On the GTA forum, he states that most AAA studios have already received the kits, or will receive them in early 2023.

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Tez2, active in the Rockstar Games community, commented on the GTA forum: “Most AAA studios should have already received their mid-term update dev kits or should have them early in the new year.” The Insider Gaming portal also shared the rumor, but claims that the alleged Playstation 5 Pro is not the 30 million units that Sony is expected to sell in 2023.

Rumors indicate PS5 version with removable disc. This version is the same as the base PS5 And that’s not even referring to the alleged PS5 Pro rumors. So far, the specifications of the new console have not been leaked. If the rumors are true, the updated version of the console should be released in 2024.

Is the new Xbox Series X really coming?

On Microsoft’s side, information is even more scarce. In May of this year, leaked images from the TCL Technology conference raised the possibility of new versions of both consoles.

However, it seems Microsoft is investing in a streaming-oriented version of Xbox. But Tez2’s claims point to a new console being developed in parallel. But these are just rumours. The question remains about the need for updated versions of new generation consoles so soon. As the vast majority of games continue to be released on PS4 and Xbox One – and the trend will continue into 2023, the question remains whether it’s too early for a Pro version of the consoles.

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Source: Insider Gaming, GTA Forums


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