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Apex Legends This is a difficult Battle Royale. Using the class system between the characters (here called legends) and the format in which the team has three players, the game, while fun, took a long time to implement some of the aspects that the fans considered essential. The game was released in 2019 for consoles and PCs, and over time, publisher Electronic Arts and developer Respawn Entertainment managed to balance the gameplay, but saw the player base slowly shrink.

While the main game continues to receive free updates with new content and new legends, the franchise intends to take a significant step forward and debut a mobile experience. THE Canaltech Participated in the opening event Apex Legends Mobile, In which it was possible to test the game for mobile phones and tablets that have differences from the original game. Check out what we found below.


It’s not every day when you play alone you win the game. (Image: Screenshot / Igor Ponte / Canaltech)

If Apex Legends Ordinary is already extremely chaotic thanks to its fast movement and sliding, jumping capabilities and Legends capabilities, the mobile version spares no effort when it comes to doing the same. Here I already have my first critique, which I hope will change with some updating: the interface when using and taking items can be much better.

Wow, how hard it is to read which weapon you get in the game. The letters are already small and the tiny interface also does not help me at all when I have to find a resource from the map – reading the description of the items is practically impossible, as you can see in the picture below. Another problem is the default sensitivity of the control, very sensitive, especially if you are going to try to use a weapon that depends on your accuracy when it comes to shooting. At the very least, this can be easily resolved in the game settings. But here’s the caveat: Be sure to adjust the control sensitivity.

Yes, descriptions are hard to read. (Image: Screenshot / Igor Ponte / Canaltech)

Apex Legends This is a cruel game. In the preview I recorded a few murders while using the EVA-8, the game’s automatic rifle. Exchanging fire at long and medium distances is necessary in the original version of the game, and it changes slightly on the mobile: fighting at close quarters, especially in the beginning, is much more constant.

One of the funniest moments, no doubt, was shooting down a few squads, even alone. Combining the ability to properly target players and the inability to play on a mobile phone, it was quite satisfying to eliminate some teams who thought they would win the duel in an uncoordinated way against one of three. In these cases the use of rifles and grenades was necessary to surprise the enemies. Of course, this will not work with all opponents.

Third person mode

Third party mode is extremely satisfactory. (Image: Screenshot / Igor Ponte / Canaltech)

Great news about the mobile version Apex Legends Is a third-person mode. For traffic, especially on mobile, this change contributes to the experience, mainly to make players know their environment more easily and with greater vision.

How is it possible In Apex Legends Climbing, jumping, jumping and jogging In Apex Legends, third-person movement can help some players who do not have such a large screen phone. And honestly? Trust me, this is the most satisfying way of the game. You can still raise your gun targets and shoot from “hip height”, opportunities that only work in this run.

Designed for mobile, but not so much

The amount of information on the screen does not help to differentiate the action of each item. (Image: Screenshot / Igor Ponte / Canaltech)

Presence Apex Legends Mobile Is wearing “style” The peak“For mobile devices, a game designed from the ground up for a mobile experience. But does Respawn’s game style work well with mobile? Judging by what I played in the available preview during my attempts, I felt that players using a mobile controller would have a very large inconsistency in the game.

Apex Legends Requires constant use of skills, items, weapon changes, and tactics that sometimes depend heavily on the speed of your target and the way you move using control. I could not play with the controller while previewing, but from the movement of some of the players I met, I realized which one was using the touch screen and which one was using the controller.

The game is very interesting on mobile and works well overall. The main problem I felt in the gameplay was the retreat of some of the weapons in the first person view, which work much more smoothly on the computer but become terrifying to control on the mobile. Most of my killings were by using a rifle or from the enemy chest area instead of myself.

In the third person, aiming and using weapons is much more fluid than in the first person, and this is something that can be improved as the game becomes more popular and changes gradually come through updates. But, at this point, if you are one of those people who also like the R-99, I recommend you reduce the scope or play only in the third person.

Fade, the exclusive legend of the mobile

Fade is a legend you should use to support your team. (Image: Screenshot / Igor Ponte / Canaltech)

In the preview I had the opportunity to try out Fade, a new legend Apex Legends Which will be exclusive to the mobile version of the game. The attacking character is very fun, with a scroll mechanism that allows the player to escape an unfavorable fight or to withdraw himself after receiving information from opponents.

The ultimate opportunity is to prevent people from taking or receiving damage that will really help your team, for example, during a difficult exchange. Playing with Fade largely depends on coordinating with the allies as well as how you affect the game during the battle.

Legends is available from launch and exclusive modes

In addition to Fade, other famous legends will be available at launch Apex Legends Mobile. These are: Bangalore, Bloodhound, Caustic, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Mirage, Octane, Pathfinder and Wraith. More characters will be added over the next few months.

According to the developers, the mobile updates will be independent of the console and computer game. Accordingly, the mobile game will have its own Battle Passes, collectibles and opening cosmetics. Cross-play will also not be available on the platforms.

Another exclusive news Apex Legends Mobile Is Team Deathmatch mode, where players enter 6v6 battles to collect assassinations, with quick re-enactment and unbridled action. For even more chaotic game lovers, the mode will definitely be very satisfying.

After all, is it worth the Apex Legends Mobile?

6 murders, prom aside. (Image: Screenshot / Igor Ponte / Canaltech)

The big question that came to my mind while playing the mobile version was whether it was worth the game Apex Legends On mobile. Considering the care of transferring Respawn vision to mobile phones, I have to say that the game is similar, even very much, to its version for consoles and computers. In the end, the balance is quite positive when it comes to transposing experiences The peak In a new format.

There are contradictions in the game. Some aspects that work very well on consoles and computers do not translate well on mobile devices. The way things are purchased, the reading of each of them, and the somewhat small interface make life difficult for those who do not have a huge cell phone or who do not play games on the tablet. Of course, there will be many changes in the quality of life in post-launch updates.

Ultimately, the game is very competent to entertain players, even with some limitations that can be improved over time. I owe it to myself to experience playing with a mobile compatible controller and I believe the gameplay is much improved using one.

Apex Legends Mobile It will be released for iOS and Android for free on May 17, and PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC versions are already available.

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