President Jair Bolsonaro announces new tax cuts for video games

Consoles that have a screen will reduce the import tax from 16% to 0%.

O. President Jair Bolsonaro Announced this Thursday (16) via Twitter, New tax break on video games, effective July 1, 2022. There will be a new event Reduction of taxes on imports of consoles and their accessories from 16% to 12%.but Video games that have a screen, whether portable or not, will reduce the import tax from 16% to 0%..

Check out the publication below. President Jair Bolsonaro Announcement of the event.

“Today (16) the federal government announces a new reduction in import taxes, this time in another new round on video games, consoles and their accessories.

From July 1, the import rate of consoles and video game consoles and accessories will be reduced by 12% instead of the existing 16%. “With video game screens built-in (portable or not) and a reduction of 16% to 0%.”

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The President also stressed that from 2019 he is working to reduce or eliminate taxes on various products. “Such as the fight against AIDS, cancer, covidium, after its emergence, the food that makes up the main basket, fuel, consumer goods and many more.”

In 2019, we posted here Adrenaline Recent tax cuts on video games that have been made ᲤFederal Government, Which led to a reduction in IPI. Consoles currently sold in Brazil are imported, so this new reduction may help reduce the cost of devices and accessories sold here.

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