Pokémon Snap has one of the most magical moments in the series

Pokemon Snap Added to the catalog Nintendo Switch Online This Friday (24) – and coming to the hybrid console, more people will have a chance to experience one of the most magical moments Series. At the hidden stage the player has a chance to shoot მევ In heaven, an intimate experience that can be challenging and it is certainly awesome.


For the Nintendo 64 released in 1999, the HAL Laboratory title brought an unusual and intimate Pokémon experience. The player takes on the role of a photographer who travels to the island to take pictures of Pokémon. Attached to a Zero-One car that moves alone in stages, as in Safari, you need to observe and connect the Pokémon to capture them (this time with a camera lens) at the ideal moment. The better the framework and registration time, the better it will be evaluated and scored by Professor Carvalho.

Reproduction: HAL Laboratory / Nintendo

Even in the case of a short and limited game – it takes less than four hours to complete it completely – the HAL team has successfully presented a world of Pokémon that feels alive, with little monsters following their routine and interacting with each other.

The feeling is like being in a kind of amusement park: sitting in a wheelchair, watching and being surprised by what is happening around you. Surprise here is a permanent element used as a reward for curiosity. If the player is loyal enough, there are several new discoveries, interactions, and events that must be recorded at each new visit.

Beach scene, Pokémon Snap on the first Nintendo 64.

Reproduction: HAL Laboratory / Nintendo

And the biggest surprise is at the end of the game. If a player manages to capture the six landmarks of the Pokémon hidden in the game, Professor Oak will reveal the seventh and secret stage: the Rainbow Course.

When you enter it, you only see colored clouds and constellations in the form of Pokemon. Suddenly a yellow sphere appears and I happily remember the surprise when I realized who was in it: the legendary Meu.

What makes it more interesting is that the experience is packed not only with a dream-like tone, but also with challenges. Mew moves fast on the screen and moves constantly, avoiding the player’s lens. When trying to register inside his field, the camera fails to recognize the Pokémon, having to hit it several times until it breaks down.

At the sound of a heartbeat reminiscent of a track, the player has only a few seconds to strike the mouse again, forcing it to look at the camera and then take a picture. Trying to catch a record in a mouse perfect game is something that some players still do.

Mew is a legendary first-generation Pokémon that you remember with nostalgia not only for its early games, but also for its 1990s movies, anime, music, and collectors. So you have the ability to view and interact with Mew up. The closure makes this moment not only the most magical in the original Pokémon Snap, but probably in the whole series.

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