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O last trailer Pokemon Scarlet & VioletIntroducing the little monster Greavard“Ghost Dog”, won a surprising dubbed version – because a priori the game does not even come with subtitles in our language (and nothing is reported in this sense now, it seems that it is only a promotional piece).


about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The game introduces more RPG elements and, this time, there is no “right” way to go through the gym – you can go on your own journey. Release takes place in St November 18, 2022only Nintendo Switch. A new anime should also start at the end of the year, to approach a new phase in order to trips.

The initials are: Sprigatite (plant kitten), fuecoco (fiery alligator) and square (water duck). The game will not be supported in Portuguese, according to the official Japanese site. It will be legendary for generations Coraydon and Miraidon. The game will bring teachers Exit and a bull.

A. was made A campaign to translate these games into our languageBut Nintendo has already given up on that, at least for now.

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First games Pokemon were red and green (in Japan), released in 1996 Game boy. However, the international release was versions red and blueIn 1998, slightly modified (later version yellow).

Since then, the franchise has become a huge success around the world, as well as having anime, manga, various licensed products, and of course several other games. Every time a game comes out with a new Pokemon, it’s considered a “new generation”. We are currently in the eighth generation of the series.

In all major series debuts, television animation is produced on a new continent. But with the power of social networks, The Pokémon Company is diversifying its content through other means, offering several options through YouTube.

The main animated series follows Ash Ketchum (Satoshi, original Japanese), a beginner Pokémon trainer. With Pikachu, his first Pokémon, Ash embarks on a journey to become a master, explore regions, meet new friends, and face the evil plans of Team Rocket, a corporation that captures powerful Pokémon but is often represented by a trio of clumsy villains.

At the turn of 1999-2000, it was a fever when it was shown in Brazil TV recording and Cartoon NetworkReleases albums of figurines, clothing, discs, cups, various toys, official magazines and endless related products. Later it also had seasons shown Rede Globo and TV network!In addition to having several phases available Netflix and Premier video.


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