Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Trailer has 14 minutes of news; watching

The Pokémon Company has just released a whopping 14-minute long trailer for their upcoming games. pokemon scarlet and VioletShowcasing news, including new evolutions, mechanics, and previews of the various adventures Trainers will have access to in the Paldea region.

The video, which you can watch below, follows four different trainers, each on a different journey. The first focuses on exploration and battles, showing that it’s possible to find, battle, and catch Terrastal Pokémon as you travel the world.

This snippet also details how the Let’s Go feature works, where your little monsters can automatically perform certain activities like fighting and collecting items without interrupting your exploration. The result is something similar to what we saw Pokemon Legends: ArceusBut with more possibilities.

Next, we see a trainer invading one of the arenas dominated by Team Star, the evil team of this generation. To win, you’ll need to take on hordes of enemies until you reach the leader of the group, but the trailer suggests that it won’t be an all-out battle, though it doesn’t reveal what’s to come.

Then we see that it will be possible to forge TMs and use them in Pokemon Centers, using the materials you get from winning battles or capturing monsters to teach your team new moves. The trainer in question also manages to evolve a girafarig, which transforms into an unprecedented girafarig (try to read the two names without getting tongue-tied). The fragment ends with a battle with Brassius, the leader of the grass gym.

Finally, the trailer shows some character customization options and a new picnic mechanic where the player can make sandwiches that give benefits such as the ability to find more of a specific type, an increased chance of being caught, and more. Progress is followed by a Tera Raid Battle, where four trainers team up to encounter and capture the rare ghost-type Tera Chansey.

Open world pokemon

As the trailer highlights, big news scarlet and violet There will be its open world and different journeys that each trainer can choose from in no particular order, making these games the most diverse games in the franchise.

Speaking of different, last week’s games also surprised us with an unprecedented little monster named Wiglett, which looks like a Diglett but has nothing to do with classic Pokemon. Will we see others in similar situations?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Releases November 18th exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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