PlayStation will reveal some surprise games; Check it out

PlayStation brought a series of announcements and updates this Thursday (07). Over the course of the day on the PS blog, Sony published seven posts about various games – repeating this sequence from February – made by independent developers.

As always, the suggestions presented are as diverse as possible and will suit PS4 and PS5 players. Check it out below:

Indies coming to PlayStation were blogged every 15 minutes at 11:00 AM ET. Learn about the seven titles in detail:

Sea of ​​Stars (PS4/PS5)

The turn-based RPG is coming to PlayStation consoles in 2023, and Sabotage Studio has revealed some gameplay details in a new trailer. There will be six playable characters throughout your adventure and the quest promises to be a differentiator.


In SchiM, players will control a creature that can move in the shadows. Produced by Extra Nice, the piece will arrive in 2023 and the setting is inspired by famous Dutch locations.

Cult of the Lamb (PS4/PS5)

Running a cult can be problematic, and in Cult of the Lamb, in addition to maintaining a place to receive your followers, even the excrement of your faithful is your responsibility. Along with cleaning, it’s good to keep everyone fed by growing plants and cooking.

The game arrives on August 11th.

Signals (PS4)

The multiplayer horror game is coming to PlayStation 4 on October 27th. In control of the Elster replica, you will have to turn around after your ship loses control and an accident occurs. Your mission is to find out where the pilot Ariane Yong is and deal with the invaders.

The Tomorrow Children: Phoenix Edition (PS4/PS5)

Q-Games will release the game on PlayStation on September 6th, and has produced a trailer to show off what’s new in the Phoenix Edition. Players will travel to new islands and experience new game mechanics.

For Cursed Golf (PS4/PS5)

Launching on August 18, the game combines elements of golf, side-scrolling and even betting in a con style. are you confused Watch the trailer below and draw your own conclusions:

Encrypt (PS4/PS5)

A different psychological horror odyssey and another roguelike on the list. Encryption is coming “soon” to PlayStation consoles. Check:

The PlayStation 5 update has ALLM mode options

The PS5 received a new update this Thursday (7) that highlights Low Latency Mode (ALLM). Check out the new options available on console by clicking here!

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