PlayStation Stars will arrive in Brazil on October 5th

PlayStation Stars has received a debut date in Brazil. According to Sony, the loyalty program will arrive in our country on October 5, 2022.

Further details on the system, which will work through the PS App, are provided in the Japanese giant’s post, and since this is a free initiative, there will be no need to invest in a PS Plus subscription or anything like that.

Players will receive two types of rewards in PlayStation Stars:

There are two types of rewards: loyalty points and digital collectibles. Points can be redeemed for a catalog that may include PSN Wallet funds, exclusive digital collectibles, and select PlayStation Store products. As an added benefit, PlayStation Plus members enrolled in the PlayStation Stars program automatically earn points for PS Store purchases.

What are the benefits of being a PS Plus subscriber over PS Stars?

PlayStation Plus membership is not required to participate in PlayStation Stars. However, as a PlayStation Plus member, if you participate in PlayStation Stars, you can earn points for PlayStation Store purchases, including every payment you make for your PlayStation Plus membership. Please note that PSN Wallet top-ups are not eligible to earn points for the PlayStation Stars program.

As for digital collectors:

Digital Collections are beautifully rendered, digital representations of what PlayStation fans love, including figurines of beloved and iconic characters from games and other forms of entertainment, as well as beloved devices that tap into Sony’s history of innovation.

Is this an NFT?

As for anything to do with NFTs, it reveals how the program will not use the blockchain, meaning it won’t sell or exchange anything:

These digital collections are created exclusively for our loyalty program and although some may be rare, they are not unique and do not use blockchain technology. They cannot be sold or exchanged. Digital collectibles can only be earned or purchased through the PlayStation Stars program.

What is the PlayStation Stars points system?

You can view your points balance in the PlayStation app under the PlayStation Stars program player profile/point history. Points can be used to redeem items in your Rewards Catalog, which may include digital collectibles, games or PSN Wallet balance.

In addition to points, PS Stars gives players status. And these levels will depend on your trophy achievements and other in-game tasks:

The PlayStation Stars program will have four status levels that reflect the milestones you will achieve. They are based on the number of Rare Trophies earned per game, as well as full game purchases from the PlayStation Store. The higher your level, the more privileges and benefits you can get.

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