PlayStation Stars arrives in September; See more details!

PlayStation Stars, Sony’s free loyalty program, has received another series of details during the state of the game. The Japanese giant showed off some collectibles and talked about a forecast for a September release – in select regions.

Take a look at the digital goodies, from PS3 models to some of the brand’s classic games, in a trailer shared at the event:

Digital collectibles created exclusively for PlayStation Stars can only be obtained through our loyalty program. In some cases, they are awarded to celebrate past performance, achievements or product ownership. Their rarity varies, as do the real-life products they were inspired by and the effort required to obtain them. Once you’ve got your collections, you’ll be able to organize them in a virtual showcase within the PlayStation app, and if you want, you can show that showcase to friends on your PSN profile. There will be different ways to obtain or earn collectibles, with completing the campaign being the main way.

Items may appear on your PSN profile. According to Sony, “there will be a variety of ways to obtain or earn collectibles, with campaign completion being the primary means.”

PlayStation Stars collectors will have a different rarity

To earn PlayStation Stars digital collectibles, players must participate in various campaigns.

PlayStation Stars campaigns will be fun, enjoyable and, yes, sometimes challenging. They can be activities or collectibles. In one of our first campaigns, “Press play/1994”, members who correctly start games that match clues inspired by the song will receive a special collectible. More details about this campaign will be available soon.

PlayStation Stars will launch first through the PS app and then expand to consoles. It will be available in most markets, starting “in Asia (including Japan) later this month and then in the Americas and Europe later.”

To recall, Sony has already made it clear that PlayStation Stars collectibles are “not really NFTs.” See more here!

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