PlayStation staff angry over CEO abortion

Jim RyanThe PlayStation CEO is spinning. Yesterday, Thursday (12), the CEO sent an email to his staff Resolve a very sensitive topic – And I did not like the final result.

According to Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier, several Employees are outraged In a message sent by the CEO, in which he asked his employees to “respect different opinions” Abortion rights in the United States. And right away, Ryan started talking about the birthdays of his two domestic cats.

The debate over abortion rights is growing in the United States over information leaks from the U.S. Supreme Court, including a document that appears to indicate an intention to overturn a 1973 ruling. The Roe v Wade caseThe right to abortion or voluntary termination of pregnancy has been recognized in the country.

Several companies from different sectors have commented on the issue, and the vast majority of game developers and developers have chosen to remain silent. Ryan, on the other hand, seems to have tried Internal discussion of the topic In an email, according to a Bloomberg report, Offended many of its employees..

In a text seen by the newspaper team, Jim Ryan did not take a position On this subject, avoid advocating or opposing abortion. The executive went on to say that his company (and its respective community) is “multifaceted and diverse, containing many different perspectives”. He added: “We owe it to ourselves and to the millions of PlayStation users to respect the diversity of opinions of all people in our internal and external communities.”

“Respect is not synonymous with consent,” the CEO continued, adding that Respect for the opinion of others “It’s important who we are as a company and as a valuable global brand. The problem, according to the publication, was what the executive said shortly after.

PlayStation CEO’s message on US abortion issue angersSource: PlayStation / Disclosure

According to the report, Ryan continued to try to “help inspire everyone to know the balance.” The CEO said he wanted to “share something joyful” to “relieve stress from some of the world’s events”, so he started talking. The first birthday of your two catsShe talked about cats’s birthday cakes and commented on her wish to have a dog one day.

Schreier says in his text that the company’s employees were clearly shocked and excited by the message, with one employee saying he had never been “so angry about a cat’s birthday”. The publication also says that some collaborators said they felt this way Their rights were disrespected and trivialized By message from the CEO.

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