PlayStation Release Guide for the New PS Plus; Read all the information

The text below was posted on the Brazilian PlayStation.Blog.

A brand new PlayStation Plus is coming out today, starting in Asia and we should not be pleased to offer this service which will bring even bigger games to the players.

Let’s start.

What’s the new PlayStation Plus?

We’ve integrated PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into a brand new PlayStation Plus subscription service that gives customers more choice with three global subscription plans: Essential, Extra and Deluxe. Our focus is on providing a curated and diverse portfolio of games with hundreds of high quality titles from which to choose from when signing up for Extra or Deluxe plans.

Where and when will the new PlayStation Plus be released?

The new PlayStation Plus will be released in most countries where PlayStation Network is available. Here is the release schedule (local time):

  • Asia (Except Japan), launch today
  • JapanScheduled for June 2, 2022
  • North and South AmericaScheduled for June 13, 2022
  • Australia, New Zealand and EuropeScheduled for June 23, 2022

What are the main benefits of each plan?

Take a look at the diagram below to see the key benefits.

The main benefits Essential Available globally additional Available globally Deluxe Available in markets without cloud flow
PlayStation Plus members get the same benefits today: monthly PS4 and PS5 games, access to online multiplayer, exclusive discounts, cloud storage and more. X X X
Game catalog for PS4 and PS5 X X
Catalog of original classic games for PlayStation, PS2 and PSP; Remasters for PS3 X
Time-limited game experiments on hit titles X

What is the price of each benefit plan?

Prices vary by markets. For more information on local pricing, visit our website.

PlayStation Plus Essential

  • Brasil
    • 34,90 R $ per month / 84,90 R $ per quarter / 199,90 R $ per year
  • We
    • $ 9.99 per month / $ 24.99 per quarter / $ 59.99 per year
  • Europe
    • 8.99 Euros per month / 24.99 Euros per quarter / 59.99 Euros per year
  • United Kingdom
    • 99 6.99 per month /, 19.99 per quarter / 49 49.99 per year
  • Japan
    • 850 ¥ per month / 2150 ში quarter / 5143. Per year

PlayStation Plus Extra

  • Brasil
    • 52,90 R $ per month / 139,90 R $ per quarter / 339,90 R $ per year
  • We
    • $ 14.99 per month / $ 39.99 per quarter / $ 99.99 per year
  • Europe
    • 13.99 Euros per month / 39.99 Euros per quarter / 99.99 Euros per year
  • United Kingdom
    • £ 10.99 per month / £ 31.99 per quarter / £ 83.99 per year
  • Japan
    • 1300 ¥ per month / 3600 ალ quarter / 8600. Per year

What is the list of games included in the new PlayStation Plus?

The new PlayStation Plus will come with 700 * titles in three subscription plans. Selected content includes blockbusters such as Demon’s Souls, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, NBA 2K 22, Red Dead Redemption 2, Returnal and more. Here is a sample list that we posted on the PlayStation blog. Titles may vary by local market, so be sure to check out the gaming list when the new PlayStation Plus comes out in your region.

I am already a subscriber PlayStation Plus. What will happen to my subscription?

Current PlayStation Plus members will switch to PlayStation Plus Essential and get the same benefits that PlayStation Plus offers today, such as monthly PS4 and PS5 games, exclusive discounts, cloud storage for saved games, access to online multiplayer, and more. There are no changes to the existing PlayStation Plus benefits.

Will the PlayStation Plus still be available as a standalone subscription?

For the PlayStation Plus, the benefits will remain the same on the first plan version, which has been changed to PlayStation Plus Essential. Additional benefit plan options will be added. See the chart above.

How often will new titles be added to a new PlayStation Plus service?

With the new PlayStation Plus service, games are updated every month, so there will always be something new to play. In accordance with our normal PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now lineup, updates will be made twice a month. Check out the PlayStation Blog for the latest monthly gaming announcements.

PlayStation Plus Essential

  • Monthly updates will be made on the first Tuesday of the month for the PlayStation Plus Essential plan (and two top-level ones), with new PS4 and PS5 games every month, as is already the case for PlayStation Plus members.

PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe

  • The next monthly update will take place in the middle of the month, with new games for PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe plans. The number of games updated each month changes.

What devices can I use to play games by subscribing to the new PlayStation Plus?

The new PlayStation Plus is now compatible with the following devices:

  • PlayStation 5 console
  • PlayStation 4 console

Monthly PlayStation Plus games that were previously ported to PS3 and PS Vita devices will remain available as long as you are a PlayStation Plus member.

Which games can I download for the new PlayStation Plus?

The ability to download games on PlayStation Plus depends on the benefits you choose and your market location.

Download (PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe Plans)

  • Original PlayStation, PSP, PS4 and PS5 games are available for download and play.
  • Remastered versions or remakes of PS2 and PS3 games will also be available to play on PS4 and PS5 consoles.

The basic plan monthly games remain the same as just the download games.

Will the original PlayStation and PSP games offer trophies from the classic PlayStation Plus game catalog?

Some original PlayStation and PSP titles may offer trophies, e.g. Ape Escape, Hot Shots Golf, IQ Intelligent Qube And Siphon filter. This feature is optional for developers.

If I decide to buy the game, can I upgrade from the limited-edition trial versions of the PlayStation Plus Deluxe plan?

Yes. All trophies and game save data for the trial period will be transferred to the game upon purchase.

If I win cups on a PlayStation Plus Deluxe after a limited-time trial title test and decide not to buy the title, can I still keep my trophies?

Trophies earned during the PlayStation Plus Deluxe plan during the trial period of the limited time game will remain on your PSN profile, even when you have completed the trial period and have decided not to purchase the title. If you later decide to buy the title, you can continue to win cups wherever you stop.

Will the game transfer progress from the PlayStation Plus game catalog between the PS4 and PS5 consoles if I decide to end the game on another device?

If you play a game downloaded from the PlayStation Plus game catalog, storage data will be stored on your PS4 or PS5 console, depending on which console you play. You can manually upload your saved game to the PlayStation Plus cloud storage and download it to your PS4 or PS5 console.

Do DLC and extensions work with games downloaded from the PlayStation Plus catalog?

Yes. You can purchase DLC and expansion content for games downloaded from the game catalog via PlayStation Plus. If your subscription expires or content leaves the service, you will also lose access to the DLC and expansion content associated with this game. When you re-subscribe to the service or decide to purchase a title, you will still be able to use your purchased DLC and expansion content.

Please note that DLC and expansion content are not supported during title streaming.

When offline, can I play what I have downloaded from the game catalog offered on PlayStation Plus Extra or Deluxe?

Yes. However, while playing the game downloaded from the game catalog on PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe plans, you will need to contact PSN every seven days to confirm your PlayStation Plus membership and maintain access to the game.

Please note that this step is only required for PlayStation Plus Extra and Deluxe plans game catalog titles. This does not apply to the monthly games available for download through PlayStation Plus Essential.

With this change of service, will I have to re-download any games that were previously purchased through PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus games previously redeemed for your PSN account will remain part of your gaming library as long as you are a PlayStation Plus member. There are no changes in the benefits of your PlayStation Plus.

* Availability of classics, game reviews and game catalog varies by time and plan. Visit for more details and updates on PS Plus offers. The PlayStation Plus is a current subscription subject to an automatic, recurring subscription fee (at the current price of the PS Store) that will be on the frequency chosen at the time of purchase or before cancellation. Current conditions:

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