PlayStation is a finalist for the 2022 Reclame Aqui Award

Awards will be awarded based on people’s votes.

Recently, the PlayStation company was named by Reclame Aqui as a finalist for the 2022 Reclame Aqui Award in competition for a high average rating on a platform that aggregates consumer complaints about products, brands and companies. At the current stage of awarding, the winner will be determined by popular vote.

The head of PlayStation asked the company to update
Focus on indie games

Playstation Brasil competes in the games and games category in the Reclame Aqui Award 2022 and the company was nominated for good reviews on the platform. The company received an overall rating of “GREAT” with an average score of 8.6/10. In addition, registered complaints were answered 100%, problem resolution rate is 85.8, 83.3% of registered customers would do business with the company again and the average customer rating is 7.86.

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The award recognizes companies with the best customer service

Promoted by the Consumer Complaints Platform, the award aims to recognize companies from various segments of commerce that perform good work and service with customers, disseminating and encouraging good practices in the sector.

Since 2015, PlayStation Brasil has strengthened its commitment to Brazilian consumers and uses a number of tools and processes to improve the brand’s public relations. The results are observed every year. In 2020, the company had a “GOOD” rating and met 92% of requests, which shows the evolution of satisfaction rates.

– About the PlayStation Brasil Awards

Despite the great evaluation, Playstation Brasil and all other companies in their categories depend on the result of winning the popular vote. Anyone interested in participating in these polls can access the Prêmio Reclame Aqui 2022 website, register and vote until November 18 of this year. The results will be announced on December 13, after the award ceremony on December 12.

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