PlayStation highlights indie games coming to PS4 and PS5 in October

The text below was published on the Brazilian PlayStation.Blog.

It’s October and you know what that means: monsters and fear everywhere! There’s no better time to dive headfirst into a wildly experimental and stylish survival horror game: it’s spooky Halloween time, and this month’s Playstation Indies won’t disappoint. As for the “monsters”… we have some very strange creatures and some animal fighters straight from the farm. Oh, a geometric object so terrible that alien predators shudder in fear. Let’s take a look at what you can expect on PS4 and PS5 this month.

Eternal cylinder

The creative minds behind Studio ACE Team (Rock of Ages, Zeno Clash, Abyss Odyssey) are back with an otherworldly adventure. In a very distant part of the universe, there is a magnificent planet full of strange life forms fighting for survival. Yet even in this harsh environment, one threat stands above all others: the sheer, crushing power of the cylinder.

You control Trebhum, a strange traveling creature that has the ability to transform and adapt to its environment by eating. Explore four beautiful alien biomes: Savannah, Tundra, Desert, and the terrifying Mutant and Infected Sector, all as you transform your flock of Trebhums to respond to threats from the biomes and other creatures. Develop extra legs to increase your stamina, widened eyes to better see your surroundings, and expand your body to gain more inventory. Explore, develop and discover the secrets of the cylinder before everything is destroyed.

Date of issue: October 13 | Spread by: Good Shepherd PS5

They fight herds

Cute little animals bring plenty of addictive action to this unconventional 1 vs 1 fighting game from Mane6 Studio. Created by fans of the genre and for fans of the genre, Them’s Fightin’ Herds is a humorous, beautifully animated creature fighting game with character designs by renowned animation producer Lauren Faust. These furry, scaly warriors can even run on all fours, but have the same flexible combat skills as their human counterparts, enhanced by magical energy that can be used to move and offensive abilities that are unique to each character. If knocking on barn doors with your local friends isn’t enough, you can use your paws and claws to battle your friends both online and offline, thanks to the awesome netcode in the back.

Date of issue: October 18 | Spread by: modu games | PS4, PS5

It is saturnal

Some historians have theorized that the traditions of the Roman holiday of Saturnalia were absorbed into the celebration of Christmas. But in the case of Saturnalia, a game from acclaimed indie studio Santa Ragione, Halloween is a much more appropriate time, as this rogue-like survival horror game is anything but festive.

You travel to Sardinia, an island off the coast of Italy, home to the village of Gravoi, where a strange ritual takes place every winter solstice. As you control four different characters, you’ll explore breathtaking corridors and eerie twists and turns while trying not to be overwhelmed by the ever-present darkness.

Saturnalia’s unique and beautiful graphics, which combine bright colors with high-contrast brush shadows, greatly enhance the exciting and otherworldly atmosphere of the game. Gravoi’s twisted, labyrinthine structure also changes completely with each playthrough, creating a new wave of fear with each playthrough.

Date of issue: October 27 | Spread by: Santa Ragione | PS5, PS4



In the distant future, at the edge of space, a ship crashed on a cold, lifeless planet. As droid technician Elster searches for his crewmate, he discovers an abandoned “education” camp. As terrifying visions and unknown memories swirl in his head, many of his questions are answered in strange radio broadcasts. They point to something mysterious deep within the planet, where Elster must venture to find out.

Signalis combines resource management and tense and gruesome horror survival combat with a mix of 3D polygons and 2D sprites, creating exceptionally detailed and unique pixel art. Explore the surreal and melancholic environment of the planet in an isometric perspective as you piece together the story of this twisted psychological thriller. Can you overcome evil forces (both seen and unseen) long enough to reach the shocking finale?

Date of issue: October 27 | Spread by: Humble Games | PS4

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