PlayStation CEO urges employees to respect differences of opinion about abortion

According to Bloomberg, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan sent an e-mail on Thursday urging employees to “respect differences of opinion” about abortion rights before moving on to five more detailed paragraphs on abortion rights. The first birthday of his two cats.

The e-mail begins with a review of several current events, including the recent leak of the U.S. Supreme Court’s draft report, which indicated the intention to repeal the landmark. Wade in 1973, who legalized abortion across the country. Many corporations felt pressure from employees to comment on the case, but most video game companies remained silent on the matter.

There are, however, a few notable exceptions, such as Bungie, the game developer Fate, Who called the decision in a blog post last week “a direct attack on human rights.” “Protecting freedom of choice and reproduction is not a difficult decision to make,” Bungi said, receiving mostly positive reactions from his staff.

In an email seen by Bloomberg, PlayStation President Jim Ryan did not take a stand on abortion rights, but wrote that the company and its community are “multifaceted and diverse, in many different ways.” He wrote: “We owe it to each other and to millions of PlayStation users to respect differences of opinion in our internal and external communities. Respect is not equal to agreement. But it is fundamental who we are as a company and as a valuable global brand. ”

Ryan then wrote that he “wanted to share something joyful to inspire everyone to take note of the balance that can help relieve the stress of uncertain world events,” saying that it was just his two cats’ first birthday and then releasing their cat birthday cakes, their voices. And their desire to have a dog one day.

In an in-depth discussion with Bloomberg, employees of several PlayStation studios expressed their dissatisfaction with the tone of the email. Some women wrote that they felt their rights had been violated or trivialized by the message. One employee said they “have never been angry with a cat’s birthday before.”

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