PlayStation announces support program for independent studios

By borrowing PS5 development kits, indie studios will be able to improve their game development processes

This Tuesday (26), Playstation released a statement on the official SIE website revealing a “Development Hardware Loan Program” aimed at providing newly licensed independent game studios with development kits for the Playstation 5 in addition to test kits. to make the platform more easily explored by these manufacturers.

The initiative appears to be part of a new position that Sony has been trying to take for some time, to include more indie titles in its ecosystem and further embrace this market, which continues to grow.

In a statement, Greg Rice, the leader of the PS Creators team, who stepped down in 2019 after leaving Double Fine (the studio responsible for games like Psychonauts 2 and the cult classic Broken Age), says the main goal is to create. Facilitator for developers

“We’re always looking to lower the barrier to entry and improve the publishing process on PlayStation. We’re excited to announce a new initiative that will make it easier for new partners to come on board and start developing for PlayStation.”

Greg also explains that in order to be part of the program, developers interested in publishing their games should refer to this link. Please note that Brazil is one of the eligible countries in the list of countries that are included in the program.

See the full announcement at this link.

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PlayStation is paying more attention to indies

Only now is Sony looking and trying to bring indie games closer together. In the past, we’ve had support from Japanese giant Hello Games for the release of the controversial No Man’s Sky, and last year we also saw Kena: Bridge of Spirits, a charismatic indie game that garnered a lot of attention in its own right. Visual appeal.

This year we’ve had the latest and most hyped Stray console exclusives on Playstation, in addition to recent announcements that PlayStation has revealed are coming to PS4 and PS5, such as Sea of ​​Stars and Cult of The Lamb.

Perhaps this hardware loan program is another opportunity for us to see more and more independent titles coming to Sony’s family of consoles.

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