PlayStation 5 Slim should be released in 2023

The PlayStation 5 continues to do well in the market and demand for Sony’s new console is slowly calming down. However, it seems that the company has plans for the future of the device and, from all indications, it will get a PlayStation 5 Slim version next year.

So far, the information is not official, it is only considered a rumor and points to the arrival of a more compact model of the PlayStation 5 in the third quarter of 2023. Learn more about what’s new.

PlayStation 5 Slim may have a different name

The arrival of a new model of the console, which is more compact, because it is the company’s answer to the criticism that considers the PlayStation 5 to be too big. Many users have complained about this particular issue since the console’s launch, which is why Sony seems to have found a way to mitigate it.

While it’s currently known as the PlayStation 5 Slim, it’s likely that the new model won’t carry that nomenclature. To make it smaller, the product will go through a process called “die shrink,” which occurs when the size of the underlying semiconductor components is reduced.

This includes parts such as the CPU, RAM and SSD storage, which in the new model will take up less space inside the device and, at the same time, allow the body to be more compact. This physical change can also help the temperature, as it will use less electrical voltage and therefore operate at a lower temperature.

But with this reduction in size, many people will surely worry that it will affect the performance of these components. It’s still impossible to know for sure, but it’s highly likely not, or that the performance difference between the compact version and the current one is very small, almost negligible.

However, rumors of a PlayStation 5 Slim suggest a difference in terms of visuals and usability. The new, more compact model will reportedly have a slightly different design and not just be smaller. One of these changes will be that it will not have a support for the device to lie down, i.e. side curtains, so it must always be used standing upright.

PlayStation 5 Slim

Another change is that it may have a removable disc player, which may play a significant role in this new version, but this detail is still more uncertain than others.

PlayStation 5 is getting changes and improvements

It should be remembered that even this year Sony has already made some changes to the new console and introduced an updated version to the market. This new version arrived with a slightly reduced size compared to the previous one and also a significant improvement in power consumption while maintaining performance.

The console has also experienced a price increase in some countries, which has been the subject of much criticism, so a new more compact model could also come with this advantage at a more affordable cost, as production costs will be reduced.

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