PlayStation 5 is attracting customers, but the price is still a deterrent

PlayStation attracts customers, but prices scare

Photo: Starting / playing the game

THE Brazil Game Show 2022 He had a stand as one of his assets Game station, which was the largest in the history of the event. With such a space, the company managed to place several salons with powerful ones PlayStation 5In addition to highlighting exclusive games released this year, such as Horizon Forbidden West and The Last of Us Part I.

O The game is on When testing the console, many people were excited, because it was the contact of many users with the new generation. Unsurprisingly, one of the most popular stations was Astro’s Playroom, which uses the new DualSense technologies to their fullest and with plenty of immersion.

However, when talking to visitors passing by the booth, the opinions were almost unanimous. Amazing technology, very fun games, but the price should still stop many people from realizing the PS5 dream in their own homes.

Fathers and mothers make it difficult for their children

The PlayStation booth was one of the biggest at BGS 2022

The PlayStation booth was one of the biggest at BGS 2022

Photo: Starting / playing the game

With a massive presence of kids, Game On caught up with some dads and moms to find out how the PS5 experience was going. For their luck and misfortune, the children were grateful to be brought to the event. However, few have heard their children asking “Buy for me?”. And, in some cases, price scares have already alienated consumers. This was the case of Joao Paulo Mota.

“Wow, expensive isn’t it? Now he comes home and you have to deal with him and he asks me for a video game as a present. Because really, I even played it, it’s all very nice and fun. It’s almost a gift for me and for him.”– says the smiling and worried father.

In the case of Rose Guimaraes, she had already gone to the event with her son, knowing she wouldn’t be able to afford the video game: Before bringing it home, I had already read Beaba, which I could not buy. Almost five thousand reais, not counting the games? Unfortunately, there was no way, but at least he could play a little at the market. Look at the stuff, I brought it”account.

One or the other lucky

While the vast majority of customers left there wanting more, not leaving anytime soon, some were convinced by the experience. Raul de Souza said that he would give himself, but it was worth it over the years: “I’ll take Christmas off, but it’ll be Christmas 2022, 2023 and 2024.”.

In addition to Raul, little Felipe also left BGS 2022. That’s because according to his father, Tadeu Magalhaes, his son was so excited about the PS5 that he tried to give his son the console.

“The price is expensive, but I’m going to plan if I can make his dream come true. I came with him to the event and he knew how to tell me all about the games. “Dad, it’s a game. Along with this and this story. But hopefully the price will drop there in the next few months, who knows.”said a frightened Thaddeus.

Currently, the PlayStation 5 version with a disc player can be found at an average price of R$4,500. The digital edition of the console can be found at a more “friendly” price of R$ 3,900.

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