Players will discover a multiplayer mode in Super Punch-Out! 28 years after its release

The game still hid several cheats that went almost three decades without players discovering them.

Released for the Super Nintendo in 1994, Super Punch Out! It is considered a console classic that many gamers believed had already been analyzed in all its aspects. Despite this, The @UnlistedCheats profile discovered that the game still kept secretsAmong them A multiplayer mode that many people thought did not exist.

According to a player revealed on Twitter, the mode can be activated by a A scam that was still unknown to the public. Using a series of buttons and two control combinations, he discovered that the game also has a cheat that allows you to automatically Fight any opponent In single player mode.

To do this, just turn on Super Punch-Out! And on the title screen, use the second control Press the Y and R buttons. After that, just click Start or A on the first control Should be redirected to the opponent selection page where they even belong special circle game.

Super Push Out Multiplayer! Works on Switch

To activate the multiplayer mode, in which any fighter can be used, simply repeat the same process, but this time Press the B and Y buttons on the second controller. While the first player controls their fighter in a traditional view (which shows their backs), the opponent controlled by the second player appears facing the screen.

Although cheats were tested in the original version of Super Punch-Out!, apparently Work in any game adaptation. IGN Senior Editor Kat Bailey confirmed on Twitter that the new combinations Work on the version of the game offered as part of the subscription system Nintendo Switch Online.

This isn’t the first time a game has revealed its official secrets a few years after its official release: Golden Eye 64One of the most famous Nintendo 64 titles that only a cheating system After terminating the console. What’s surprising about Super Punch-Out! It’s the ease of activating the secret that spawns the series Questions about why it was not detected early.


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Source: Kotaku


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